new forum software

  • greetings.

    i've switched us over to vanilla for a few different reasons:

    - working search
    - better file attachment handling
    - spam filtering
    - general usability

    the old forum will stay archived (read-only) at until we decide it's no longer relevant.

    sorry for the inconvenience, though i'm hoping you'll all appreciate the improvement.

  • ps. if any developers familiar with vanilla have suggestions, please post!

  • You've done a great job theming it!
    I'm pretty familiar with Vanilla (set up a few forums with it in the past), and If you run into any problems or aren't sure how to do something with it, you're welcome to drop me an email.

  • nice new forum
    can you add feed feature ?

  • i'll add the feed.

    there also seem to be weird problems with attaching certain types of files. any suggestions? it's probably a matter of changing a config somewhere.

    also, attachments "save as" by default, where i'd rather view images in-browser. can't figure that one out.

  • looks good so far. i'm excited about there being less spam to wade through. also, the old feed never worked on my mobile phone (using opera mini; the front page feed never worked either) so i'm hoping that this one does...

  • autolinking added.

  • tehn, which attachment mod are you using?

  • attachments 2.1
    multi-file attach

  • tehn,
    in the vanilla directory, open the file "default.php" found in the extensions/Attachments folder.
    on line 363, there is a function called 'SaveAsDialogue'. replace that function with the contents of and the attachments mod should not pop up a "save as" dialog for images anymore.

  • that is tremendously better! thanks for the link!

  • i just checked with safari (os x) and it does look blown up. the problem is with:

    .DiscussionCategory span, .DiscussionStarted, .DiscussionNew,
    .DiscussionType span,
    .DiscussionType.Normal {

    safari beta supports this properly. perhaps i need to add visible: hidden;

    but i also noticed the sizing/etc didn't render.

    css file is here:

    thanks for the help.

  • one thing, i miss the forum categories on the left hand side, this new forum is a bit slower to navigate. but, otherwise, its quite nice.

  • in Vanilla, there are different ways in which you can display the categories. it's really up to brian but having them directly accessible on the left nav can be done pretty easily.

    brian, do you think you could add the RSS functionality to the new forum. can't remember if it's a vanilla default or add-on but that'd be great. thx

    forum looks nice btw!


  • just been thinking, a 'quote' kind of feature would be nice too.

  • i'll put rss on my list. it's a simple addon. i'll have to look into quoting.

    css still needs some help on safari. i'll hopefully get to it tomorrow.

  • brian, i sent you an email with a slightly edited css. i tested in both Safari 3 and Firefox 2 and everything was uniform. i had some additional edits i thought of but i believe i'd need access to vanilla php files.

  • apologies for not being able to help with the CSS, I don't have a Mac handy.
    @actuel: what sort of changes were you thinking? I have a vanilla install and am fairly familiar with the source.

  • iotao, thx. i'm really familiar with vanilla as well. essentially, there's a few new id/classes i'd like to make to the php. this would enable me further unique tweaks to say the discussion/comments etc.

    most of this can be done with the current vanilla.css but i'd like to make some new calls.

    i'll send you an email or pm (do we have that?) with a link.


    edit: no pm or email available. hit me at: actuel [at] gmail

  • hey actuel, saw your e-mails, but i have to get some sleep before thinking much harder.

    i'd like to keep verdana and the left bar contiguous with my existing radiant setup (for the main site), but the changes you made look great.

    i've attached the full theme files with all the php editing i did, if you'd like to play with it. i'll have to get your address and send you a small gift of thanks.

    (ackk.. i have to fix the file type uploads perms)

  • cool. i'll poke around.

  • great thanks to actuel for the css fixes!

  • hey btw thx for the RSS addon. works great!

  • those other addons you mentioned are on their way.

  • You know what is odd?
    This forum looks weird on my desktop running Safari, but looks much better on my iPod touch running Safari.

    I wonder why there would be a different CSS implementation between them?

    For the record, I'm running Safari 2.0.4 under OS X 10.4.10 on an Intel Mac Pro

  • I suspect that the version of Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch uses a newer version of WebKit, which has a number of enhancements including more robust CSS support. You can download the newst builds of WebKit as a Safari wrapper, which display the forum just fine:

  • the css is definitely wrecked on safari 2. actuel has been a great help with this, but i haven't found time to update it. quite a bit of juggling at the moment. sorry for the trouble.

  • Trust me. I'd rather you build hardware than fix CSS.

  • I'd like to have the update notification feature back again - the one that sends you an e-mail when a thread you've subscribed-to gets updated.

  • that was actuel's request. shouldn't be much trouble.