the snazzyfx pedals at analogue haven

  • almost impulse purchased the wow and flutter for about $380 (i'm in california). whew, narrowly dodged that split-second decision with a quick word from my brother.

    anyone holding any opinions about these little demons?

  • no, but i bought a similar el capistan dtape echo pedal recently. it's oarsome.

  • Those SnazzyFx pedals are really something special from everything I've heard...

    From what I read/heard the Wow and Flutter is nice because it get's those mishaps of tape... so If you want to bring life into some soft synths... and make some experimental stuff... on the side.

    I'm looking into purchasing one aslo.

    It's completely different from el capistan (which is interesting also) because that one emulates tape echo and this one wow and flutter ( :P )

    Check this thread I made a while ago on Gearslutz about Snazzy pedals...but still no first hand user experience with them.

    Please tell me how it goes if you buy one ... as I don't have the cash right now and want one badly in the future

  • you can crank the wow and flutter on the el capistan for similar effect. probably not as detailed as the snazzy though...

  • I hear you that's very cool...

    I think these two pedals could complement each other surprisingly well considering the El Capistan is digital and has extended emulation of tape delay and the Wow&Flutter has a analog path and creates another type of delay flange etc.. + has extended modulation for crazy pitch modulation..

    Also they are in the same price range... so it's a dilemma ... but I tend more on the Snazzy FX first and then El Capistan second as Nasty DLA keeps me a while at bay with my tape delay temptation...

    For more info about about Snazzy FX check this interview at page 36/37

    And also check the manual for features/detailed controls etc.

  • dropped a few bens on the wow and flutter. i absolutely do not have the money for it, but musical equipment always hurts the most. fingers crossed it's emotionally compatible with my fender supersonic...

    i'll check back with some feedback to encourage or discourage!

  • and the gear lust monster strikes again

  • el capistan I love.

    great sound if you like tape delay.

  • are you saying that the wow and flutter achieves all it's magic without any dsp? that's pretty impressive if that's the case...

  • Not exactly... it's a analog/digital mutant.From the man himself:

    "Wow is a hybrid (mixed) with analog in and out filters, etc"

    I was too surprised at first thinking that it could get all that weirdness from analog only.. but it it had to have some digital stuff inside... otherwise it would mean some analog recording and playback inside and we all know that this means to have tape heh...

    The other two pedals are 100% analog...

    P.S. Keep us posted Murray!

    I'm really curious how you find it...

    At least it's a pretty "little" thing :P

  • received the wow and flutter earlier today! didn't have much time to play with it, but it's definitely a big, pretty piece of metal--and the knobs feel very very nice. the controls offer a surprising amount of flexibility with my tone (i'm running guitar through it) and the tape warping effects sound very sophisticated. i'll try to get some audio samples up asap...


    a test track in stereo! rough recording.
    all you need to know in the comments.

  • Nice thanks for coming back to us.
    And nice second demo also. ;)

    It sounds pretty cool! Very spacey surfy etc.

    How did you do the stereo... as most people complained about lacking stereo output on the W&F...

  • thank you!! and while the recording's stereo, those guitar loops are both mono wav's that have been recorded realtime and each output thru a separate channel.