Coming From A Theater Near You: MCRPv9

  • Okay, the new Monome Community Remix Project is here: samples from theatrically released films.

    The MCRP idea, for those who don't know, is that you use only the samples provided--some or all--to make your track. Any and all manipulations and tweaking are fine, but use only the final sample pack for your raw material.

    Two samples to submit, 30 seconds max:

    1. A music sample from a movie released in theaters (no made-for-TV stuff), but it must be music made exclusively for that film. No pop songs or classic songs unless they were written for that movie itself (e.g. "Footloose" or "Goldfinger").

    2. A dialogue sample from a movie (or incidental non-musical sounds if you prefer). Doesn't have to be the same movie.

    Sample submission deadline: 11:59 P.M. (PST) December 21st.

    Track submission deadline: 11:59 P.M. (PST) January 21st.

    E-mail samples to me: jcoldslabs at the Google mail.

    Please post ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. below. It's on! Noobs welcome and encouraged!

    For those who are unfamiliar with the whole MCRP thing, search the forums or start here:


    Areo Sono




  • Sounds like a fun ole time!

  • indeed! A nice little project to kickstart the new year!

  • Ace, winter homework to keep me off the booze :-)

  • oh yeah, i'm down. my first monome release (although I do have a few original tracks coming together slowly)!

  • Awesome! I'm in.

    I'd have to mention, I don't feel like my site is very up to date.

  • Oh I am the SAMPLE MASTER lol my Kung Fu is strong lol sent!

  • the site has everything up to mcrpv7, i don't know where mcrpv8 was put?

  • Sorry about that guys. I'm a lazy S.O.B.

    The tracks are available for download here:

    I got to just devote a little time to uploading those guys.

    Woot! Woot!

  • First samples received: MDVL in the house!!!

    EDIT: @Res--I thought that was kind of clever (if I do say so myself). Glad you picked up on it!

  • Had a question from a new user about being a bit unsure about joining in. Please know that noobs are totally welcome and we want your tracks!

    For anyone interested, check out the thread for MCRPv3 where I was totally nervous and egon had to talk me into it. I am so glad that he did. This community rocks.

  • @egon77, do you have any cover art? I can upload v8 to the bandcamp site...

    edit: although i realize i only have access to the mp3s, do you have the wavs?

  • I'm really going to try and get my act together for this one.

    Just to ask, the rules are that only sounds derived from the samples received can be used, yeah?

  • i have just the samples for this... been saving them for a long time...

  • @vgaforest: I look forward to hearing them.

    @Myr: Yeah, sorry, I should have been more explicit. I'll amend the top post to reflect the rules, but yes, the point of the project is that you use only the samples provided to make a track. Manipulate them any way you want, but no other music besides what is provided in the sample pack.

  • Oh man, this hearkens back to industrial days of yore, where it seemed like almost everything was concocted from snaked movie audio. I'm in.

  • Samples received from flplsx.

  • Hi All -
    So, I was super active in the Starfire group buy and ended up making my own unit. Though it's awesome and amazes me when ever I look at it, it doesn't make coffee and it doesn't magically make me play like Daedelous. Seriously - I suk at MLR. I'm ok with booing. Ha! But Abelton still confuses me. I have almost no musical background though I did work in the music industry for 7 years. :)
    Anyhow - I'm thinking of jumping in here but I have a few questions. First, what's the best way to sample? I have a dvd drive on my mac, could I use soundflower or something to record audio? I've never done that. What do you guys do?

    Also - for my track, do I need to play it all on the monome? Or should I just record something I play on the monome and remix it all? If I fool my my kaoss pad, can I blend that stuff in too? I don't have a bunch of hardware etc but was wondering what was a-ok and what was bad form.

    And for the record - I'm the noob asking antiphon about MCRP. I have to say, the message I got back from him/her has tipped me to the "in" mindset.

    Thanks all - you guys are the best.

  • @pxt0909: Great news! Looking forward to your participation. And I'm a "him" by the way. ;-]

    Not everything has to be done on the monome. It would be great if you could use it for part of your composing process, but it isn't technically required. It's a "Monome COMMUNITY Remix Project" not a "Monome ONLY Remix Project."

    As for the Kaoss Pad, I use mine, too, because Ableton overwhelms me at times. I'll load some samples into the KP3 and noodle around to see if I can make something interesting. Treat your samples with any device you want any way you want. Seriously. Just have fun with it (although, trust me, frustration is part of the process, too).

    Not sure about the best way to sample. I can capture audio on my PC via Audacity, but I imagine you'll get suggestions about Mac options from other users.

    Welcome aboard!

  • terribly excited for this one! will submit sample soon.

    was wondering if anyone has thought about submitting Clint Mansell's classic anthem "Lux Aeterna"? that score always gives me the chills.

  • @pxt0909 I used the trial of Audio Hijack to rip samples from various sources for projects.

    See: they add noise to samples over 10mins but you prob don't need that long if looking for samples for MLR.


  • Sweet, I'll get some samples together!

    Good to see new blood coming into the MCRP! I remember my first mcrp (v5?) and was impressed with how welcoming the monome community is.

  • :) yeah - can't explain how exciting this is - I know you all know... but still the thrill of possible failure is pretty intense!! You guys are the best. Also anyone that has hints and thinks they'd be better offline convo's, I'd be most appreciative! pxt at g mail dot com.

  • On the note of Audiohijack pro

    great app

    I don't have the money to drop on it though... does anyone know of an application that does a similar function?

  • @thealphanerd - in a pinch in the past I've just routed audio out back in through my soundcard (firebox) and recorded it in ableton. Of course that means DA then AD conversions, but for my purposes at the time it worked pretty well. I'm sure somebody will post a software solution though...

    @pxt0909 I wouldn't worry about "failure" with mcrp... I think its more of a testing ground or "study group" of sorts. Like an online artspace!

  • So wait... literally connecting patch cables on your firebox?

  • cargocollective allows audio posts now

    we should put all the mcrp's there

  • fyi, assuming you have a dvd or digital file, on osx i would use handbrake to rip the movie, then audialhub to convert the file to wav. My 1.981002 cents...

  • I used handbrake to import the chapter I wanted, then QT export sound to aiff, then brought it into Pro Tools to get it down to size. But it's just one means to an end. You could plug the rca outs of your home dvd player into your sound card, then record live audio. You can find a clip on YouTube and download it. Hell, set up a mike and record the audio from your TV. Whatever makes the most sense to you.

  • i've used that patching back into your own audio interface when preforming live! worked great. mlr to bidule.... fun times.

  • ive been dead to the world for months....but i may jump back into this, ill have to see how things in life go in the next week or so. BTW: i have had my rick roll mcrp done since june, but I just fell off the earth and never submitted it. Anyway.....i hope i have time to do something like this soon....and finish building my 256.

  • 2thesuperorganism, if you want, i can upload your rickrolling track to the bandcamp site, mise well, i would think...

  • mplayer is a handy free tool for a/v processing...always
    just a matter of figuring out the command line.

    i just used:

    mplayer -ao pcm:file=audio.wav -vo null -vc dummy myvideofile.avi

    to rip out the audio out of a movie.

  • Samples sent.

  • @dolza: samples received!

  • @pxt0909,

    You could try JACK on OS X for sampling

  • @stax - wow! that looks perfect. will try this evening! thx.

  • I know I'm moderating this, but I am also rather clueless. ;] So here is my question: when I have downloaded MCRP sample packs in the past the zipped folder usually contains two folders within it, one labeled, say, "MCRP Samples" and a second folder named "_MACOSX" which itself contains pretty much the same data as folder number one. I'm running Windows XP and was just planning on zipping one folder with all the samples in it. Do Mac folks need this other folder? Is there an app to produce this dual-platform result?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I think you don't need to do anything, this folder is created by mac devices, but they will be able to read it without any special action.

  • @lokey, I hate to confess this but I only have some of the tracks in wav or aiff form. On MCRP V8 I only asked for mp3's and decided I'd just convert them to wav afterward. I know it's not the best method in regards to compression/sound quality but I figured it would be (more or less) inaudible.

    I have a list but I think this thread is the wrong place to delve into it more so I'll post it on the V8 thread now.

    btw, welcome back thesuperorganism! Good to have your mangling skills in effect again. Looking forward to the rick-roll!

  • @pauk: thanks, that makes sense. I'll leave things as they are on my end then.

  • Hi Guys,

    I was wondering whether I can submit more than 2 samples ?,
    I have a few that I can't decide between !

  • 2egon77, im no audiophile, imo waving the mp3s will be fine, assuming they have some sensible bitrate...

  • @ Str8JacketAviator,

    thanks for clearing that up, now I have to choose.

    if anyone is struggling (not that I think you will be), the main theme from the movie 'the hot rock' (1972) was written by quincy jones and has a really nice break at the start.

    also the tune from robocop is preety cool

    and ennio morricone stuff is worth a look (the good, the bad and the ugly, fist full of dollars)

    almost any of the soundFX from transformers and seismic charges form star wars ep 2 (when ob1 is chasing janga fett)


  • samples sent