Live 8-bit show tonight at Lit Lounge in NYC!!!

  • Hey everybody,
    My band, Cathode Rays, will be performing tonight at Lit Lounge located at

    Lit Lounge
    93 2nd Ave #A
    New York, NY 10003

    We are a 3-piece, 8-bit, very unique indie rock band. The music is melodic, heavy at times, danceable for damn sure, and a helluva lot of fun to watch. This is what you get:

    Rob Lynch - Super Nintendo controller (all 8-bit sounds, baby)
    Avi Paul Weinstein - guitar
    Kedaar Kumar - drums

    In addition we have synced quasi glitchy [or not] graphics ranging from Commodore 64 games to Atari to 1st gen Nintendo.

    cover is $6 and it IS 21+ so bring ID if you come. We would be honored to have fellow Monomites come through and check out some new sounds. We start around 9 and our set is only about 40 minutes so if you're in the East Village area, please come by and party with us. :)

    Also, we just released our first record which is all 8-bit and will be available at the venue for purchase. Thanks again and hope to see one or two or thirty of you. I'm the Indian guy in case you're there and looking around :). This is all based on if there are no other Indians there at all