monome to conected abletone

  • Is there a difference between Ableton Live Ableton Live or suit.
    because I have to Ableton Suite and I can not get a present for the monome: (

  • There is no ableton preset.

    If you want the monome running inside of ableton you need to be using Max4live or have monomeserial set to Midi mode

    Aside from that you can run external applications / patch's and route the midi data into ableton

  • a present for the monome? i suppose it is christmas!

    could you reword your question? can't really work out what you're trying to achieve...

  • i think he means 'preset' which i think by that he means Midi Remote Script in Ableton.

    @frontostic - look into pages and Live OSC ;)

  • I was thinking, or between both versions is the difference that could affect the monome add?

  • there will not be a difference between the different ableton packages... Ableton does not have native OSC support (while it does have midi)....

  • but yet I still do not go monome

  • There is definitely a bit of a language barrier here... why don't you try writing in your first language... and we can try using a google translator on our end... or perhaps there will be a user who knows your language