any way to reduce the brightness of the LEDs ?

  • hi all,

    i'm having a lot of problems with my eyes in the last years and it looks like it's not getting any better, i'm having a lot of after images when i work on screen (even though my brightness is always turned almost all the way down) and some days i can't work on a computer at all ... this is all probably a result of having worked for a very long time more than 10h a day on old CRT tubes in the last millenium, and although LCD displays have made it less straining the decline is still noticeable

    i've come to a point where working with the monome starts to be a bit painfull as well and am wondering if there was a way to completely reduce the brightness of all pads to say 10-25% of their current brightness .. this would allow me to work longer with the monome and reduce the after image phenomenon i think

    a brightness setting in monomeserial would be ideal, so that all apps could work normally, maybe this possibility already exists and i just haven't found it yet :)

    the only workaround i found so far is to work with heavily tinted sunglasses, and although that certainly does improve the coolness factor it's not really a solution i cherish

  • check tehn's max patch in this thread:

  • i made a little m4l patch to control the led brightness based on the incoming audio signal, nice way to tell if you're peaking your levels if you drop it on the master track. Find it here...

  • thx maersk, the m4l patch does exactly what i want:


  • crack that bad boy open, install a 250k pot with a 10k resistor at the bottom in place of the iset resistor on the board... then you have a dimmer pot for the pad lights, works well. i had it in place on my tacklebox 128, one for each grid..

  • yes loomis, at first i thought i might need a permanent mod so i could use it in all apps, but the truth is that i don't use the monomes much outside of Live, so in fact the m4l patch is all i need ...