first monome track!

  • Hey all, I've been lurking here for a while, and I thought I'd pop out for a minute to say I made my first track using the monome. I used 7uplive, using cliplauncher and the control page, a bit of the melodizer for arp goodness.

    Thanks for all the tools and discussions and help you didn't even know you were giving to me ;D

  • those synths are crazy-crunkin-cracked-out-boogie!

  • Nice dude. I like the bass treatment.

  • That was awesome. You need to make more music.

  • thanks for the feedback all! i've been making excuses and procrastinating on making tracks for a long time. now that it's fugly wintertime here in chicago, i'm gonna lock myself in my room with my monome.

    thanks for listening! i'll post more when i get them done. i laid this track down faster than anything i've ever done before, completely due to the monome assist. i'm loving it!

  • nice beat