The what are you currently listening to thread (yea one of those)

  • Why not? Always good to find new music

    When everyone isn't composing/mixing down their own tracks, what are you listening to?


    edIT (of the glitch mob), Telefon Tel Aviv and Sigur Ros

    been switching back and forth

  • +1 for Telefon...

    if you like that check out Tycho!!!

  • currently on rotation

    baths - cerulean
    teebs - ardour
    tycho - past is prologue
    gold panda - lucky shiner
    lusine - a certain distance
    daedelus - righteous fists of harmony

    just got gonjasufi's a sufi and a killer and attempting to absorb it. it still is a challenging listen for me.

  • com truise - cyanide sisters
    the morning benders - big echo
    tycho - past is prologue
    baths - cerulean
    trent reznor/atticus ross - the social network
    architeq - gold+green
    lymbyc systym - shutter release

    gotta check out telefon tel aviv again... its been a while!

  • Caribou!

  • +1 on caribou

    The flashbulb
    Jon Hopkins
    album - the art of chill II (mixed by hopkins).
    Aphex Twin
    Portable sunsets

    i need to check out this baths guy... his names popped up a few times

  • baths is hawt

  • then ill check him out when im home from work frank!

  • + 1 for baths

  • As far as electronic music goes:
    Sepalcure(can't wait for full album)
    James Blake(on repeat)
    Ben Frost(love his massive sounds)
    and of course...
    DJ Shadow

    Lately I've been jamming alot of prog. metal. I just started playing bass for some guys that jam mostly metal stuff so I'm starting to get into the genre.

    As far as metal goes:
    Between the Buried and Me
    The Contortionist
    Animals as Leaders(can't get enough)

    I'll be checking out baths. Also can't wait for the new Panda Bear album.

    On another note, where do you guys find new music? I mostly just use similar artists on What.CD or, but always looking for new, good avenues.

  • +1 for Caribou (Saw him in Frankfurt two weeks ago. Awesome show. Super energetic.)

    Emeralds / Mark McGuire
    Autre ne Veut
    Twin Shadow
    Gold Panda

  • ahh someone mentioned James Blake before me! heh.

    James Blake!
    Mount Kimbie
    Hudson Mohawke

    and some local talent:
    Duskky (Dubfunk genuis)
    Free album here

    Hurtdeer (Crazy Breakcore and intense Dubstep/funk)
    Free album here

    wAgAwAgA (a vast mix of world, dubstep, acid, jungle and breakcore)
    Free album here

  • Another +1 on Caribou!!!
    +1 on pantyraid too!!
    +1 on Hudson Mohawke

    Ok my list

    I always have a greatful dead or phish show in the roatation

    Other Artists I've listened to a bunch lately:
    The Album Leaf (Any and Everything)
    Apparat (Any and Everything)
    Boards of Canada (Any and Everything)
    Ratatat - Ratatat
    Modeselektor - Happy Birthday
    Moderat - Moderat !!!!!!!!
    Kashiwa Daisuke = 5. Dec
    Nosaj Thing (the new remix of Drift is awesome!!!!)
    Siah & Yeshua DapoED - The Visualz Anthology
    Yaesayer - Odd Blood
    Tortoise - Beacons of Ancestry
    The Velvet Underground - Live at Max's Kansas
    The Egg - travelator
    Damian Lazarus - Smoke out the Monster
    James Brown - The Popcorn
    Four tet - There is Love in you
    Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician - Lightweight Heavy

    Plus other random Jazz + Hiphop + Jam + music I find on interwebz

  • i'm working on a list of favs from 2010 so i'm all over the place

    but aside from obscure nigerian music i found during my recent travels and couple mixes i've made:

    tristan perich / 1bit symphony
    marcus fischer / monocoastal
    el guincho / pop negro
    david axelrod / songs of experience
    portable sunsets / nature garage
    asura / silver trees
    shafiq husayn / enafreeka instrumentals
    sumsun / samo milagro
    suzi analogue / nnxtape
    icy demons / miami ice
    whitefield bros / earthology

    and unreleased stuff from friends and soundcloud folks

  • here are the albums loaded on my ipod:

    lcd soundsystem / this is happening
    glasser / ring
    joanna newsome / have one on me
    the black keys / brothers
    tame impala / innerspeaker
    best coast / crazy for you

    skeletons / smile
    gizelle smith & the mighty mocambos / this is...
    budos band / budos band III
    lloyd miller & the heliocentrics / (ost)
    aloe black / good things
    cee-lo / the ladykiller
    fat freddys drop / dr. boondigga & the big bw

    el guincho / pop negro
    seu jorge & almaz / seu jorge & almaz
    luisa maita / lero lero
    quantic / dog with a rope
    jose james / blackmagic

    four tet / there is love in you
    caribou / swim
    james blake / cmyk
    gold panda / lucky shiner
    matthew dear / black city

  • oh yeah
    the quantic has been on repeat

  • My Life In The Bush of Ghosts - David Byrne/Brian Eno (Remastered)

    I have had this in heavy rotation lately and can't get over it. 1981 for chrissakes!!! Sounds like it was made yesterday. "The Jezebel Spirit" gives me major chills.

  • leseee hurrr...whaddawe gots...

    Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
    FLYamSAM - Bootleg BEats
    Roy Ayers - Coffee OST
    The Fucking Champs - IV
    Omar Rodriguez Lopez - ?????????
    WISP - The Shimmering Hour
    Last Step - 1961
    Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates
    Maya Jane Coles - What They Say EP
    Nathan Fake - Hard Islands
    Dungen - Ta Det Lungt
    Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat
    Baader Brains - The Complete Unfinished Works
    Justus Ko?hncke - Safe And Sound
    Format:B - Steam Circuit Promo CD
    Wild Style Soundtrack
    La Quiete/Louise Cypher Split 7"
    Rye Coalition Demo Tape
    and whole crapload of the homie Basek's stuff ever since he moved to Berlin

    goddamn that's random

  • So much good music here and lots to discover,

    @Laughing Man

    Dude we have quite a similar taste in music

    BTBAM is definitely in my top 5 bands ( although I am more a fan of the older cds) and I was listening to Animals As Leaders as I was making this post

    Also +1 to Ben Frost, just found out about him through his Ableton Live pack

    For those who haven't heard him:


    +1 Nosaj Thing, didn't know there was a new remix



    Bluetech (downtempo psy)

    Eero Jonhannes

    Loss of A Child

    Roger Emo and Plumbline ( Brian Emo's bro)


    I am off to give Caribou, Baths and Tycho a listen

    Over and out

  • hmmmm well..

    flying lotus - l.a. ep 2x3
    teebs - ardour
    zion i - mind over matter
    bibio - ambivalence avenue

    liking this thread for some new listening material, some stuff i must check out!

  • @talio93 oh fasho son cant get enuff of that flylo steez - been ripping up
    speakers w/ that FLYamSAM biznezz props to the wonk

  • I'm a radio programmer, so I give it all a listen, but you guys have mentioned a few i need to check out.

    Personally, the stuff getting the most rotation on my show is;

    -FlyLo - Cosmogramma
    -Daedelus - Righteous Fist of...
    -Shigeto - prettymuch everything he's got out.
    -813 - Back in Space Jungle
    -monome peeps - tons of you guys' stuff.

    Would you believe I still haven't listened to Jon Hopkins... youTube... I like him so far.

  • john hopkin's remix of a four tet song "angel echoes" - sososo good.

    +2 baths!!!

  • i've been mostly listening to mark fell's new albums, marcus fischer's monocoastal, and the new buddha box , chan fang.

  • @talks

    righteous fists is one of the underrated great albums of this year, imo


    thanks for the tip about chan fang...hadnt checked the fm3 site in a while. had no idea it was out

  • i think i'd prefer a bit more going on in the loops, but the first one in particular is really nice.

    i'm going to try and record a jam with all three going into multiple fx and see what happens, i might even load up some of the samples into mlr as well...

  • @GLIA

    +1 on righteous fists...

  • lately...

    eno - discreet music
    every tears for fears album
    four tet
    jon hopkins

  • caribou - swim
    warpaint - e.p.
    vampire weekend - contra
    the smiths - queen is dead
    david kitt - big romance

    gotten really in to more popular stuff lately. all good though.

  • never heard baths before... listened to cerulean yesterday while driving to vegas... i love the style and textures used with all of the beats... made me cream in da seam o mah levi jeans!

  • @Glia: Alfred talks about the inspiration behind that album in this interview, if you haven't seen it already:

    The Playlist from my last radio show:

  • nice playlist!


    you must be very sensitive.

  • Steve Reich
    Philip Glass
    Terry Riley

    Four Tet

    Asura (Ryan York)
    adlrtaperecordings (Nicholas Morera)
    Anenon (Brian Simon)

  • Ganglion by Saltillo. Kicks major ass. Strings, samples, beats. Great album. Just listened twice in a row. I love it.

    Thanks for all the other suggestions. I know what I'm picking up from eMusic this month.

  • Los Angeles - Flying Lotus
    Madvillainy - Madvillain
    Untrue - Burial

  • @ JTIMO
    estimable choices

    i try not to hype the NONPROJECTS cats too much
    but thats my fam
    imo, every ounce of hype surrounding them is deserved
    the whole roster has mastered various acoustic AND electronic instruments
    ASURA + ANENON have recently acquired gs64s...
    cant wait to hear what they do with em on their next recordings

    dope vid, i had read an interview by DAEDELUS detailing the inspiration
    but it was enlightening to watch him describe it

    during the video i kept wishing
    i had teachers in school who were able to convey their knowledge & passion without a hint of condescension

    in the same way as daedelus

  • Also starting to get into Nosasj Thing, really great stuff!

  • Dimlite — Prismic Tops (best purchase of the year)
    Shigeto — everything he's got out
    VLooper — New album 'Water Planet' is wonderful
    Kona Triangle — great summer music for anyone in the southern hemisphere
    James Blake — 'klavierwerke' is quite incredible

    and a special surprise ::
    Wooshie — local beatmaker who will blow your mind:
    check out this live set on Declan Kelly's radio show :::
    wooshie starts 50minutes into the first half.

  • Heavy rotation at the moment:

    Autechre-Move of Ten
    Cannibal Corpse - Kill
    Creedence Clearwater Revival-Bayou Country
    Coax-The Third Mobius
    Joe Cocker- Live
    Lamb of God- As the Palaces Burn
    Oval- systemische
    Xanopticon-Liminal Space

    Plus tons more.... Music is on pretty much 12 hours a day.

  • Ken Mode - two EPs available here:
    (recommended for the dudes that love Canadian hardcore)

    Glowbug -

    Flying Lotus - Pattern+Grid world

    Maserati -Pyramid of the sun

    Touche Amore

  • @ GLIA

    "i try not to hype the NONPROJECTS cats too much"

    yeah i have to thank you for mentioning them here on the forum.
    i had never listened anything like it, and it established really a new way of listening for me.
    i am also very curious what they will come up with next, especially with a gs64!

  • all you james blake lovers: heard the harmonimix stuff? his lil wayne remix is probably genius

  • damn - james blake. havent checked him before recent. its rocking my world.

    also, the new loscil and asura. mmmmm.


    where do you find this?

  • oh man. that lusine record has been on constantly for the past few months!

    the weakerthans - left and leaving
    %/galapagoos - loop beat tape. hot!
    the gotan project - tango 3.0
    pretty lights - glowing in the darkest night
    the cinematic orchestra - ma fleur


    a milli

  • The MCRP Christmas album :-)
    Comeback Kid - Symptoms and Cures
    Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide

  • Gil Scott heron - I'm new here
    Max Richter - Infra
    Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Soundtrack
    Blockhead - The Music Scene
    Gonjasufi - The Caliph's Tea Party

  • Woo James Blake album leaked!

  • this thread is awesome

    my list:
    Pretty Lights
    Cinnamon Chasers
    and Alkaline Trio always make these lists

    and I have had a hard on for anything from ghostly since I found out about them this summer. In fact, prior to 2 years ago, I almost didn't listen to anything electronic. Now I can't get enough, spending money on synths and controllers. Life's pretty funny.

  • Mono! This was the first band to open my eyes to the glory of post-rock.

    Taka-akira has such a great understanding of how to express emotions, ideas, feelings, and himself.

    Glad to see other people jamming them.

    Time to listen to Walking Cloud and pass out.