automat help

  • just trying to figure out how to use automat can anyone help

  • Anything specific?

  • what programs can i use it with and when i go to install it library/audio/presets after that there is no alfakanal after that so must be dong something wrong running ableton logic

  • really like alot of the sounds that tehn uses and trying to acquire some of them use ableton alot but do like some of these other programs he has created and just not a programmer so new to getting all of them to work

  • automat is simply a softsynth.

    you should be able to open it in ableton like any other softsynth once you properly install it. you don't need to know how to program.

    what are you going for? my use of automat has been with midi-enabled monome apps where i send note data to a host (like ableton) which is running the softsynth.

  • the .component file should go in library/audio/plug-ins/components

    if your DAW is open when you do it you'll have to close it and open it again.

  • In ableton open preferences and go to the plugins section and reload the plugins.

    That way ableton will reload the vst/component

  • when i go to install the presets the alphakanal/automat isnt there so dont know if im not doing something right im using a macbookpro latest version on everything

  • also question for tehn when do u think gs256 will be out definitly interested in one of those

  • yeah im having similar problem it won't show up in ableton