Daedelus interview!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/FXpansion#p/u/38/626Tv3A5t08

    the second part of a interview with our main squeeze from FXpansion. found this while looking for demos of the dcam synth squad stuff, then got aalto instead!

  • when i got my first laptop and started getting into making music again, this video is how i found out about the monome. its crazy that i've been listening to daedelus since his song "madlib bonus beats", but I never knew how he did it until about a year ago.

  • Ha. That's funny. I think this was the video that turned me over to the monome as well.

    As I recall I saw a video on Wired with deadmau5 about the monome but he actually made it seem tedious and painful so it was just a cool idea. Then I saw this and was just like, now thats how you do it!

  • yea this was good...seen it a while back

    but what got me into the monome was definitely him while viewing the trailer for the low end theory documentary then leading me to:


    which made me go: ba ba baaaaa baaaa *drool* ...*tons of drool*... baaaaaaa *heavy breathing*

    then got fucking lucky getting my baby 64 that same friday :D

    now im shedding tears... i need a moment...

  • hehe.

    i will give it up, it was the c74 perspectives that made me say, hot damn! that's wonderful! then i lurked on these forms for almost 2 years until i finally built an arduinome with a friend, now i am almost done with a mk128 straight from the epic mansion with many pools and rare albino siberian tigers known as the "monome farm".