Where should i start?

  • I picked up a 128. Up until this point, music for me has been pretty analog. Guitars, drums, amps and effects. Im familiar with digital recording; i have protools. But this is my first dive into electronic music making. and im wondering how to start. I've spent the better part of the last two days getting familiarized with the environment, and i have a lot of learning to do.

    It seems that most all of the applications make use of sounds that one should already have, or a some synth that i should get. are there any tips out here for starting places?
    i REALLY like the video of tehn using parc and slide. I tried downloading automat, but i cant seem to get past the command files, that seem to do little.

    Im trying not to just flounder on a discussion page, i just need a nudge in a direction to start off.

  • I think one of the first things you'll want to do is track down a good number of drum loops and one off samples. There are quite a few out there on the net for free. Once you have downloaded (or *gasp* recorded) your loops, you can get going in programs like MLR and the like that focus on sample cutting.

    Once you have your loops, use protools, or any sample editor to cut them down to the loop size you want/need, or into one shot samples... I haven't used parc or slide, I've been paying attention mostly to things like MLRV and
    64 fingers for sample triggering, so these tips might not be as useful as they could be.

    If you're looking to trigger synths with aps like boiing, or any of Stretta's apps that send midi information, I can recommend the recently re-upped crystal synth (free vst), TALUno60 which is a good juno 60 emulator (also free vst), or if you want to trigger samples from a full featured sampler, I like ShortCircuit2 by vemberaudio (also, free).

    Hope my rambling helps.

  • parc is amazing... once you get it started... hahahaa. if you need any help there, i'd be happy to lend a hand. i find that sometimes it's better to do a live help session via chat or something, show you step by step.

    but to answer your question, i think you're off to a pretty good start. getting used to the apps and the correct routing of midi or osc commands is half the battle. the other half is having fun!

  • I would be all over a live chat session if you are.

  • Iamgenko, I think you opened up a can of worms, sign me up too!

  • sure thing! facebook the monomials group, or me (ricardo gutierrez). i'd be happy to help out any way i can.