mash (2)

  • **MASH 2**

    tis the season for sharing and all .merry xmash

    9 months in the making (so far). not quite finished but working mostly

    old video

    use the help button or i'll tell santa


    mash is a sort of hybrid version of /mlr. it uses guitar pedal like input recording (press to start and press to end recording loop) combined with a /step styled sequencer for button presses, an abletonesque clip launcher and many hands on controls for altering groups, direction and speed. more granular inner loops are possible with 3 button presses in a row as well as a mixer and vst options.

    tempo is controlled by the first loop you make and how many beats you tell mash it is with the tap/beats button.

    prefix: /mash


    run _mash.maxpat
    set prefix in serial app.
    select your audio interface in bottom right of mash gui
    check DAC
    select an input in the input section.

    hit a stop button in the top row 1-6
    play some audio in
    hit the stop button again to loop it.
    drop some extra samples directly onto other rows

    mash away. one two and three finger row presses.

    read help button window (top right of gui) to explore other features.

  • thanks for the toys...


    you want milk and cookies, or



  • oops, sync is only showing mac options

    does _mash windows?

  • um maybe try the button next to the menu to refresh it?

    i've only used it to send sync to synths via midi, probably not the best for syncing to daws...

    haven't tried it on windows. don't think theres any mac only stuff in it though...
    try making loops in stuff..

  • one thing i didn't mention in the help is you can drop audio files directly onto the rows in the gui to get started quick...

  • going to try using the right inlet of midiinfo...

  • i'll be in and out of the chat room for the next five hours or so if anyone wants to discuss....

  • if I hit the button, then it gets a list of windows midi devices, when using the
    right inlet of midiinput.

    oops that's inputs!

    my fault: saw the au list, didn't hit the button

  • Dat Mash! yessssssssssss, excited for this, will try it out in a bit

  • Great news! Can't wait to try it.out!

  • looks dope...once i'm done compiling 5+ gigs of .tif files as a 3 minute movie, i'll give it a try.

  • thanks guys

    also should have noted how it works for bigger monomes.

    128h, same page layout 16 steps
    128v, top half rows, bottom half clip launcher

    256, bottom half clips, mixer
    512 , bottom half clips, mixer, buffers, groups

    pretty sure the loop on/off buttons are broken (off loops twice then stops instead of once) and possibly the overdub ones too.

  • oh my god!!!

    i LOVE mash. i just played with mash on my 64 + toy piano. it kept me busy for an hour. i didn't even dig into clip launching or step sequencing yet. just recording, looping + mashing.

    fantastic work stevieraysean! you did it again.

    best xmas gift since i got my 128.

  • thanks cant wait to try this out

  • once i make it to my holiday destination i may try and post a 'mash tip of the day' video thing or something.

    just to bring you all up to speed :)

  • thanks for making this instant fave. though i'm having some trouble with 128h mode. reset button makes it stop communicating.

    good times nonetheless:

  • YESS!

    edit. just back from a nice session with mash.
    this is incredible. thank you very much.

  • thanks again guy's glad you're all enjoying it.

    @kramer you're right about the 128h mode, i'll look into it in the next day or so. strange bug. it'll be something simple i'm sure..

  • pretty sure 128h is fixed now 0.12 top post of this thread.

  • the mash.maxpat won't open. Max gets hung and won't respond. I tried with max 5.0.7 and 5.1.7.
    PPC 10.4.11

    Thanks BTW this looks cool!

  • hmm that sucks, you sure it's not just taking forever to load?

    takes about 20+ seconds on my intel macbook 2007 2.2ghz 4gb 10.6.5

    any errors in the max window? or does max just die?

    unless its maxing out your ram or something..

  • This sounds great SRS! Think I'll did out my delay pedals and eBow and have a play when the relatives bugger off!

  • oh'o ok. I was only giving it about 30 second and then I'd force quit max. I'll try again tonight.

  • also if you want it to load quicker

    you can move the 'session.maxpat' file out of the folder but you don't get the clip launcher page.

  • stevieraysean, this is fantastic work. This may have just mothballed a max project of my own! Cant wait to get home and play with this...

    thank you

  • wiki'd

  • Wow this looks awesome !!!
    Any ability to record loops with a midi pedal ?
    I'll try tomorrow anyway, but thanks in advance !!

  • 'p midi' at the bottom is where you wanna look

  • Thanks ! That's crazy !

  • Wow, i am totally amazed. Really....i mean, i don't get everything, but this thing could be one of my favourite performance tool !

    May i ask some questions, remarks, and feature requests, although i am sure i missed a lot of things ?

    Here i go :

    1. how do the loops sync with others ? it seems to be multiples of the shortest one, can you confirm ?

    2. dropping a sound file in a row doesn't work for me. It renames the row, but that's it.

    3. What is "sig" supposed to be ?

    4. Midi map is excellent. Ability to midi map track volume and input source would be a plus.

    5. i have no idea what the clip launcher is for.

    6. Thank you again !!!

  • ok... I'm about to do it... going to play with mash

  • Oh wow! You read my mind with this one Stevie! The only thing I miss (from your old mlrv mod) is the ability to change pitch etc without re-triggering the sample. Is there a way to do that? A favorite technique of mine has been to build a little patten with the pattern recorder and then alter it by pitch shifting. Is there an option to enable that?

  • @chapelier fou
    1. loops are currently cut to multiples of the first loop. i may make this more sophisticated and use some fractions too.

    2. that very weird, what sort of sound file are you using? only .aif or .wav work.

    3. sig is the playing speed after direction and speed have been applied. most recorded loops will start at 1. if sped up will go to 2 etc. if you're adding in a prerecorded sample thats a little slower it'll get sped up to say 1.2, 20% faster than it was. this number is really just a guide.

    4. yeah, maybe. there are more important things to add/fix first. considering you can change those on the monome.

    5. have you ever used ableton live? drop clips into the rows. each row represents one of the 6 tracks and when triggered loads its sample into the row. each clip displays the 'sig' also so you can work out which clips will play at the right speed.

    6. you're welcome :)

    @Stephen M you mean like changes to pitch/direction happen as soon as you do them? sure can be done. usually puts things out of time though i think. if you're using the pattern recorders should re-trigger them anyway.

    think the pattern recorders need a little work..

  • Thanks for answering !

    2. Yes, wav loops. Gonna try again tomorrow.

    4. Doable with the monome ? oooops, sorry, gonna check this out.

    5. Totally crazy.

    Honnestly, best app ever.

  • cool, you are right the pattern recorders do retrigger, I guess what I was reallying wanting was to be able to pitch shift in the middle of a drone. How would I do that?

  • i'll add it in at some point

  • Fantastic work! Best xmas present this year. As a guitarist using monomes this is a godsend. Only just scratched the surface but even at this level it was a breeze to quickly create some very satisfying loops - looking forward to exploring all the other features. I'm going to be using this a lot. Thankyou. :)

  • This app is huge!! Thanks for sharing! I love the inner loop subdividing.

    On mac osx, I get clip page LEDs blinking on the home page when I switch back and forth. Am I the only one experiencing this? It may be related to using an older version of monomeserial. I'll test again tonight.

    Is it possible to manually type in the tempo?

  • Ok sorry for the dropping file thing, the mistake was mine. Working perfectly.
    The Clip launcher is amazing, and i think MLR presets should work like this. The bliking led according to the clip which Eimhin is referring to seems like a normal behaviour for me, as a reminder.

  • @ stevieraysean: nice, I look forward to it.

  • oh yeah! trying this out tonight...
    can't wait

  • @Eimhin @chapelier fou

    what monome size/orientation you using? could be a stray patch cord. shouldn't be any crosstalk between the pages..

    Is it possible to manually type in the tempo? no. well not yet anyway.

  • cant wait to play around with this app with my ipad and all its synths!

  • this is really cool, thanks!

    +1 for manual tempo setting.

    edit: i'm using this with my guitar right there any way to preroll before the loop starts? i guess just a really low press quantization? that would be a cool allow 4,8,16 loop beats before recording.

  • @stevieraysean

  • +1 for preroll

  • new version on the wiki.


    * preroll
    * auto mods
    * 128 clip led fixes

  • talk about fast service!


  • 0.13 fixed the 128h led problem!

    so fast! Thanks!!

  • awesome. you rock