monome to control ableton, just like the apc-20

  • hello,

    please let me ask if there´s an app (preferably max4live) which turns the monome into an apc-20 like controller, minus the faders and transport controls.

    all i want it to do is to start and stop clips and also be able to arm/disarm tracks for recording and eventually show the red square in ableton, such as akai´s controller do.

    recently i feel a bit lost with my monome 40h and all the apps availale out there, probably i´ve overlooked something like this?

    thanks in advance,

  • There is a clip launcher app... you could theoretically change the last row to be mutes if you wanted

  • hey,

    been working on something exactly like this currently in testing, although i've used it for all of my gigs for the last few months without a single crash. send me an email at james (hat) waterworth (bot) org (bot) uk, if you'd like a copy to test and use now.

    if not a proper release with video tutorials will be out in the new year.

    it is a max4ive device and using liveosc can show the red ring around the clip selection area.

  • a plain clip launcher version of it without the mixer page can be downloaded here:

  • Hello Myr,

    i´d love to give this a try but somehow i can´t decode your email :)

    here´s mine: herrreinholt (at goes here) yahoo (dot) de

    thanks & cheers,