Share is Love ?

  • Hi every

    Just wanted to share some fingerslap samples that i made with my "special fingerslap trick"!!!
    Do you know the best way to share it???(File sharing/hosting site, other, wuala, ...Really want to learn about all of these)

    Thanx (and hope you'll thank me after i'll post the folder:-)


    Edit : For those who doesn't want to read the whole story, here's the link! :-)


  • how bigs the file? me loves samples :)

  • 4, 5 Mo for the folder...
    Max 500 ms per sample...About 70 of these.
    What do you think??


    just a couple...

  • I love dropbox. I can access the files anywhere and the links will last for as long as I have those files in my public folder.

  • is pretty good, too. The link that's generated will die once people stop accessing it, but the interface is simple and files can be up to 5GB in size.

  • Thanx...
    If dropbox, i need your email adresses...
    Filedropper is cool but don't allow me to upload a entire folder (because there's 70 elements, so...)
    Other solutions???
    For thoses who already wants the files, email adress please :-)



  • @reno: if you zip your folder of samples into one compressed folder it will work, but that can be a hassle.

  • looks cool :)

  • Thanx Maersk...
    And let's

    Here's the link!

    Tell me if this can be usefull


  • Definitely useful! Th

  • @reno: downloaded just now. Thanks for sharing!!

  • More Downloads :-)

  • Will play with it soon and let you know!

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  • just downloaded. thanks! let ya know what i think!

  • i like this a lot! super excited to use these. thanks a ton!

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