% now owning and operating out of nyc

  • goodbye, beloved northwest, how i shalt miss thee
    hello, nyc, it's a pleasure to call you home

    many exciting things to come in this new year
    i hope everyone is well, please take care && stay gold

  • ah! welcome to something new. i am very happy with my not so recent move to santa fe. so glad i did it. now come to the monomeet in may!

  • i miss you already.

    i will mourn your absence and pour some stumptown on the curb for you.

    best wishes and best of luck in ny

  • Sadface.

    Best of luck in NY. Gotta love that city.

  • congrats my friend!

    we'll have to make a trip back to PDX and you can show me round town on a couple fixies.. haha...


  • where ya livin? Active and I are in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Would love to meet up!

  • I may be in NYC in the next couple weeks :D

  • pixel ale, i didn't know you're in brooklyn, i am too! 2011 sounds good :)

  • a certain goose from down under will be making an NYC appearance at the end of january, too!

    now we need a monome community party! i believe that can be arranged....

  • yes, my master is coming!..thats who..and yes..it WILL be arranged! muahahahahahahaha

  • right on · · · i'm situated in bed stuy, living in a wonderful brownstone, so full of life and energy.

    && let's have a party fo sho, the 'goose will soon be loose!

  • thats great man! im in the midwood area, right by brooklyn college...so we wont be too far. lets party it up lol

  • whoah - rock on %!

    sounds like a good fit. is effalo out of NYC now?

  • We should all chill. I'm only an hour train ride from NYC.

  • sounds like a monomeet is on its way =P

  • too bad for portland

    but on a selfish note
    seeing one of my fav musicians LIVE
    just got alot more likely

    missed the monome tour when you came out man

    cant wait till you have a show

  • Awesome!!!!!!! Basement show.first week of feb? woot woot!!!

  • Too bad for Portland indeed!

    Best of luck in NYC, though.

  • % & goose on the loose!!
    NY look out.

    What's this about first week in feb? I want in.

  • >>>convergence>>>.

  • P'tain, ils sont trop coooool tous ces gens....

  • Excellent! Welcome to northeast!

    Can't wait for a monomeet.

  • @sondod
    Active and I are in the pre-pre-planning stages of a basement show. Basically, you know as much as we do.

    Big things in 2011!!

  • congrats dude, hope to meet up soon

  • < Also A Portlander Turned new yorker. Also would digg monomeet

  • shall we set a date??

  • February 12th good? I'll make a new thread..