Pages Help with Midi Sequencer

  • Hello,

    I have been using the first pages now for a very long time on pc using vista. I have the midi routing set correctly as the ableton clip page works fine. i have not used the midi sequencer page for a long time and just tried it. The bar no longer scrolls across. Any thoughts?

    Thank you

  • I'm by no means a pages expert; but I know that to get the bar to scroll you've got to have Midi input from a sync source - so
    - midi sync needs to be coming out of something
    - it needs to be enabled in Pages
    - and it needs to be enabled specifically on the midi sequencer page...

  • I am pretty sure that I have done this. You need to enable sync to make the LED's flash on clip pages which all work fine. The only thing I can find on the sequencer page is the midi output.

    If I push buttons on the page, they light up and flash as though a bar is going accross but there is no bar lighting up.


  • hmm! this is the old version so i don't have midi in/out toggles on a per page basis anymore, so just enabling the input globally should work.

    can you go over your midi setup real quick to verify? i bet it's right but it's worth double checking.

    one possibility is that ableton is using both the input and output side of that device? make sure ableton is only using the output portion of it--the 3 buttons in midi prefs should be disabled on the input.

    otherwise i'd say try version 2! there's a lot of improvements and whatever you're running into here might be resolved? either way it's much easier for me to debug version 2.

  • Hi guys, I am trying to configure ableton with pages and I've been at this point, "You can create a page to test MIDI sequencer, when you hit play in Ableton should see a vertical movement through the monome." you know how to make a midi sequence in pages. I really appreciate your help