New App: Grainslide

  • First off, thank you so, so, so, so much to Charlie Visnic (egon77), Phillipe LeSeaux(sp?), and Chris Gilroy (@active) for helping me along to debug this so far, and being patient with my lack of knowledge of max/msp and coding in general.

    Test it out, play around with it and let me know what you think. The video I made with it ( was made using 8 samples of a wurlitzer each sample was only one note: 4 octaves of C, two octaves of F, and a G and a A#. I've found that using very simple samples like this setup works best for my goals with the software. To each his/her own though.

    So, on to the details of the app:

    Four groups of sample loop playback, a+b for each group
    Eight sample banks total

    Dynamic control over sample length through a series of draw functions within max/msp GUI: Can be used as waveform synthesis by drawing in millisecond looping, and drawing your own waveforms

    Four global pitch/speed time controls
    Four global REVERSE pitch/speed controls
    Four pitch/speed controls for each (a+b) sample

    Four L/R sliders in center of 64 grid for control of sample delay playback over each of the four groups of samples

    and drag-n-drop functionality for folders of wav, mp3, or aiff, samples

    To Do List:
    -Add 'page' function to center area of 64 grid where delays are now, with functions to control: group volume, bit crusher, and sample length L/R-R/L sliders
    (pages to be shifted with the two keys at the 2nd row from the bottom of the 64 grid that are not in use now)

    -Create 128, 256, and hopefully 512 versions of the app.

    Edit 1/2/11:
    The LED lighting bug in the delay section is apparently not a bug with the app at all, but just a problem with my setup. So... no bugs. Enjoy!

    -and... any thoughts or suggestions?

  • dang it
    this looks great

    why am i monomeless right now?

    thanks for the app tho

  • I love you!

  • wow this looks super great!
    maybe you could make a quick visual scetch of what buttons do what?

    so we can quickly start using it =)

    the demovideo sounds great by the way :D very cool!

    edit: ah you're smyth? been enjoying your rhodes album much lately=)

  • looks nice!!!

  • @Active - titties! I love too you, I do.

    @Kristoffer - If you look in the zip folder with the app there's a map jpeg that details what all the buttons do. Should have mentioned that. Glad you're liking Rundlyn. Thanks!

  • aaaaaaah, haha
    didn't actually download the patch 'cos i won't have time to play with it before tomorrow, but yeah i see it now. great =)

    can't wait to play with it.

    there is some patches in the monome_base folder that might help you with your slider-problem?

  • @Kristoffer I think that the problem may be more complex than that... but at the same time I'm not exactly sure what files you're refferencing so I really don't know. Can you say what patches you think would fix it? I'm using the monomesilder object right now, and it worked for the first two weeks after I set the app up, and then as I continued to add more and more functionality to it... wires got crossed somewhere and the sliders stopped working... or at least they stopped lighting up.

  • hi. now i have played a bit with the app. really cool little thing =)

    i just have to comment on the sliders. they work perfectly here...

  • solid!

    the video was beautiful. excited to see the finished product!

    PS: it's Philippe LeSaux

  • Hey! Thanks Philippe.

    @Kristoffer - So, that's good news. The LEDs in the slider section light up for you? Maybe it's something with my arduinome, or my runtime of Max...

  • very nice!

  • I have been pretty busy lately but I want to drop in and say "Awesome!!"

    Your video is beautiful! The app sounds amazing! I'm looking forward to playing with it for my current MCRP track.

    Once again, Awesome!!!

  • the 4 sliders with delay? yeah they are working perfectly here =)

    osx, max 5.1.6 , gs64

  • @egon77 Thanks dude! Totally understand being super busy. Also, check back on, new 365 goal starts today, and I just redesigned.

    @Kristoffer - I have those exact same specs, minus the gs, I'm on Arduino. hmm... well at least I know the app is fine (I was so frustrated trying to figure it out). I've kinda always had one problem or another with my bibo build arduinomes (but, that's probably my fault as it was my first soldering project of that scale and I probably f*cked it up at some point). I'm planning to try to buy a legit monome soon. Hopefully that will fix it.

  • I can confirm no bug you mention. It runs on my MK 512 (although just 64 buttons, so a larger grain map for a 128 or dare I say a 256 or 512 would be nice to use with). This is something I can see myself using a lot as it soundscapes beautifully.

    Many many thanks. A hell of a start to 2011

  • @tanais - awesome! good to hear it is just my setup somewhere and that the app itself is fine. i definitely want to make a 128, 256, and probably a 512 version. look for those in the next couple months. i think i'll get around to it by then.

  • I'm trying this out tonight. I'm pretty excited to give it a go.

  • cool! let me know how you like it

  • really enjoying this app!
    now i just need a more powerfull computer so that i can run it while doing other stuff at the same time ;)

  • great app - slowly figuring out how it works but a little diagram of what functions map to what buttons would be useful - some buttons don't appear to do anything for me - are these the delay leds you had problems with - how did you change your setup to overcome this problem? even with my limited understanding of the app have just spent an hour manipulating some miles davis samples with some rather lovely results.

  • @Kristoffer - thanks man! glad you're liking it. i need a new computer here too. macbook pro just isn't cutting it for me anymore. more ram always.

    @knecht - sweet! would love to hear how some Miles sounds through Grainslide. as for the 'map' you requested. one step ahead of you. check in the zip folder where the app is that you downloaded. there's a jpeg file that's a map of what all the buttons do. enjoy, and let us hear some of that Miles soon.

  • Hey Jred, good luck on the re-invigoration. I will always be checking in to drop encouragement my friend.

    I played with Grainslide last night for the blog and my MCRP track and I came up with a couple of fairly simple feature requests which could help out.

    I wanted to record my audio directly into Ableton but I couldn't find any access to the DSP options within Grainslide. The way I got around that was by opening it in my full version of Max but for those that don't own max they won't be able to use things like soundflower with it. (Unless there's another way in Runtime that I'm not aware of).

    The other thing I noticed was that my levels were coming through rather hot, especially with multiple sounds playing at once. If their were some level control for each sample bank in the GUI it would fix the issue.

    Other than that I made some beautiful sounds with it. (Which I still have yet to post)

  • @egon77 - thanks dude. i hadn't realized that runtime doesn't allow access to dsp options. thanks for pointing that out. i'll add that to my to-do list. and, i've also noticed that the output is quite hot and even distorted at times because of this. it's on my to-do list to put volume sliders in the center section of the grid once i add page functions to the current delay section. in the meantime i may release another version with volume control sliders in the gui, just not mapped to buttons yet to help with this.

  • Awesome Jred! I don't even think you need button control of the sliders really. It's cool if you could but GUI interface would totally suffice.

    Much love, sir!

  • I gave this a shot this evening and I definitely enjoyed it. I agree that some volume control for each sample bank would be nice.

    It might be kind of cool to be able to play a sample bank backwards as well.

    Is there a way to adjust the delay time for the delay section of things?

    Overall, this is a lot of fun. I know I'm suggesting more features, but I do like the simplicity of this app. So, I can't decide if it's really a good idea to clutter up the interface with a ton of other features.

  • V0.5 today! updates include: button to open dsp options for runtime users, volume control for each sample (a+b), and four buttons per each sample that control the delay multiplier in ms. this last option is not as 'user-defined' as i would like it to be (ie. a box that you input the exact time in ms that you want the delay to occur for), but i think that this setup lends itself to the minimal aesthetic that Grainslide has, and i would like to keep it that way for this version at least. if you really have to have control over the exact timing of the delays... it's not that hard to figure out where they are 'under the hood.' hope everyone enjoys the new version.

    edit: the four buttons that control the delay multiplier go from left to right; shortest delay (* 0.005), to longest delay (* 3)
    just thought i'd add that since they aren't labeled in the app.

  • maturing fast, its also able to take a lot of abuse without crashing which I really like. Engenders trust when in a performance setting. Don't forget us 256 and 512 owners ;) Although to be honest I'm more likely to use a 128 version alongside other apps (straw, 64 fingers etc).

    I am running it on an i5 27" iMac in the studio but hoping to use an SSD equipped Mac Mini live rather than a laptop. Anyone tried it on a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz 2010 Mini?

  • not forgetting... just waiting. i'm planning to pick up one of the walnut 256's coming out in a month or so, and then i'll feel comfortable making and releasing larger versions. don't feel right releasing something i can't test.

  • no prob, the community is a good testbed and wall for bouncing ideas off of though. You are not alone when it comes to testing. PS props on getting a Walnut 256.

    Your app is proving for me good as a way of making rhythmic loops from environment sounds to create those dense clicky messy sounds like the expansion clank of my bridge in our recent -20 degree temperatures becomes a Vladislav Delay/Mika Vainio-like texture. Gentle rhythmic and layering is its forte for me -- without the glitchy cop-out I resort to when trying other established apps. These new additions should make nudging about microsecond stretches to change loop rhythms and tones from one to another nice a slow and paced. the way I like it.

    This is one app that clicks with me as a sound(e)scapist... And I am very very grateful.

  • awesome. glad to hear it, and would love to hear some samples of what you're doing with it or even better yet, a video. make it happen. ;-)

  • Awesome! I'll definitely try this out, thanks for fulfilling the delay time request.

  • no problem. let me know how it works for you.

  • hi there, fantastic app - really fun to use, and easy to get up and running with. going to be keeping a close eye on this thread!

    i don't get any LED activity for the delay section though, did you manage to work out what was wrong with your setup (you mentioned you had issues yourself)?

    thanks again and keep up the good work!

  • hi jredsmith

    still having a couple of hiccups with v0.5

    have now updated to latest version of Max5 runtime

    when i load the app i get the following errors

    Obj Message

    newobj matrixcontrol: No such object
    ezdac - doesn't understand bang
    funbuff nothing to dump

    following problems

    1 takes 2 drags to load a folder of samples
    2 can't select a section of sample 2b and then move selection window - all other samples ok
    3 delay sliders don't work for me: get the following message when i select a delay slider: 'funbuff nothing to dump'
    4 clicking ? crashes max

    running on windows

    thanks in advance

  • @hemmer glad you're liking it. as far as the delay LEDs problem goes, no i haven't fixed mine... it works for some people and not for others it seems. trying to figure out what the common denominator is. what are your system/monome specs?

    @knecht see my reply to @hemmer above about the delay sliders. i just noticed the problem with sample 2b today myself. i will get around to fixing that before the next version. not sure what's causing you to have to drag a folder twice before it loads the files. i'm understanding that problem correctly, right? the first time you drag a folder it doesn't load?

    gettin' the kinks worked out, and adding new features slowly but surely. intended to work on it today but distracted myself with a small arduino project (

    hopefully we'll figure out a common denominator soon between people who have the LED lighting problem in the delay section and people who don't. any ideas? anybody opened this up in edit mode and taken a look, to see if it's something obvious that i'm missing?

  • hi, i'm running with of the new 64 mk kits with a self made enclosure.

  • @ tanais
    I'm having no problems here so far with my pewny 1.42 ibook G4 piping into ableton 8.

    Wow thanks jred :)
    Started playing with this last night and didn't think much of it. But then my wheels began to turn today and thought of the possibilities and have been playing with it all night. I love the simplicity you've got going.

    I notice you have rewire enabled, which I am successfully routing audio into live, but I can't seem to find anything so that I may choose different outputs for the groups themselves, referring to the groups inside grainslide. Know what I mean?

  • @gaubie - i definitely considered putting in separate channels for each of the samples, or at least the groups to go through for ease of effecting them and recording them separately in a rewire daw. in the end i decided to think of grainslide as more of a singular instrument than a sampler with a mixer-type function (even though, technically that's what it is). i just started thinking that i would never ask any other instrument to output all the As and D#s to my left ear, and the rest of the tones to my right ear... it's a singular instrument... one sound. so, that is where i stand on that. but i am in no way opposed to anybody adding or changing anything about grainslide to better suit their needs. in fact that would be awesome. if you modify it at all let me know. i would love to check out anything you might do with it. i'm pleased to hear you're enjoying it so much!

  • hey no problem I can completely respect that. I can live without the individual outs but it's just that when I got a few things going on, the signal is still coming in hot, even with the volume knobs you inserted turned all the way down.

  • this should have its own page in the docs!

  • yeah... how to do that?

  • to add a new application:

    type app:newapp into search field below (replace newapp with name of your app.) click create given app doesn't exist. fill out template. then go to app and add your entry to the appropriate category.

  • woo-hoo! i added my app to the apps page. another update coming soon.

  • jredsmyth, thanks for this awesome and imaginative app. I spent an hour or two with it using some samples of a Russian a capella folk choir and was getting some cool stuff out of it, and I'm thinking about how to use it as part of an upcoming performance.

    I'm also not getting any lights in the delay-slider area of the app. Running the latest Max 5 version on Mac OS 10.5 with a 128 grayscale.

    A feature suggestion (which, you know, feel free to ignore) would be some kind of pattern recorders similar to mlr. Although I don't know where you'd put them.

  • Y'know I had a cool feature add idea for Grainslide as well. I've been playing around with Mash a little lately and I think it would be cool if you could record into each of the slots live as well.

    Of course I will also repeat what weatherballoons said in that you can feel free to ignore my feature request. I am sure it is no simple task to implement.

    I just like the way that Grainslide treats the audio and in a live environment it would sweet to be able to sample the instruments or things around you.

  • I to would very much like a livesamplingpart. would be great! nice app. really enjoying it.

  • I'm on a 13" Macbook and the app get's cut off on my screen is there anyway I can make it so the window is smaller?

  • @pinnipeds

    just press cmd and -

  • hi, UI looks great etc but I cannot even drag any folders into it? what is the deal? thanks

  • hi guys, max says

    funbuff: nothing to dump

    this happens whenever i push a button?