Sonic Charge µTonic 3.0 with matrix editor

  • Looks like it was made for the Monome :)

  • absolutely. someone needs to write a bridge for these two beauties...

  • new in 3.0
    "µTonic can execute simple script files (written in PikaScript) from a popup menu. A script button will show in the top-left corner if µTonic finds script-files in a designated scripts folder."

    I couldn't find any documentation on how to use PikaScript with µTonic, but I'm curious if it could allow some sort of monome support.

  • I love µTonic and the new update is amazing!

    Monome support would be awesome, but I have no idea how to do that.
    I am sure the people at soniccharge would help us on how to use the PikaScript,
    if anyone would be willing to make an app. I would even donate for that, because
    µTonic is really unique.