Limited application response, unsure what to do

  • Hello,

    I am running
    OSX 10.6 Intel
    Monomeserial .30
    Max/MSP 5.1.3
    latest FTDI driver
    mk from July 2010

    I have completely set up my monome. I've confirmed LEDs are working and that most of the diodes are responding to touch (I'm currently ordering more to replace broken diodes). I can set the grid, open monomeserial and confirm that everything is connected.

    I have been trying to get polygome, mlr, mlrv, step64, and all other applications to work but I'm getting 0 response from any of them. I think that I may have burnt out some parts or made some mis-connections with soldering, however all of my soldering work seems fine at the logic level; I even sent the logic board back to Monome HQ to confirm that all of my drivers are working.