• One minute of music for every day of 2011:

  • great concept! i can't wait to check it out

  • Awesome concept, I wish you luck with the undertaking, it's a bold attempt. Huge respect for going for it. I'll be following along.

  • awesome!
    i might try this over feb for rpm :D

  • Nice! Can't wait to see how this turns out. I've got my own 365 (take 2) project going on at http://uprlip.com

    Maybe for one of my days I'll remix/sample one of your minutes.
    If you're cool with that, that is... ?

  • i too am keen to hear it all unfold. Good luck!

  • 001 is super hot. Good luck man.

  • Thank you all for your support and references.

    Now to delve into the works of luke and jredsmyth! Speaking of whom, @jredsmyth, you may certainly walk me a day in your shoes.

  • Awesome! Will wait for my 'favorite' minute and then go for it!

  • great stuff so far guys! mine's off to a slow start, but i'll be following through none the less.


  • I channeled Brian's arc video on 017 and 018. Don't know if it's audible.