NYC Monome Underground (literally) Show/Party/Meetup 2011!

  • Saturday, February 12 @ 12 Cedar St, Apt 1, Bushwick, BK

    Bring yer monomes, bring yer other controllers/projects, bring a friend, bring beer! Open jam for the whole event. I'll be performing my first monome "show", so don't be shy!

    Co-hosted by Active

  • maybe...

  • you get half the air fare and I'm there ;-)

  • nice. what's capacity?

  • Will be there. Pumped.

  • @tehn
    I dunno, 30, 40 max? I'm terrible at judging space. As long as everyone doesn't bring like, 10 people, we should be fine.

  • putting it on my calendar

  • Ima find out when reading week is... could be doable

  • well u know I'm in ;)

    any chance I can do an mlr set? u guys won't be disappointed :)

  • @Talos
    go for it!

  • I'd like to do a short set too if possible...

  • Oh noes... break is not until the 22nd :s

    Next time I guess

  • ;) see you soon!

  • wish i could do it.

    tehn, you invent that flashing-light-covered teleporter yet?

  • What time?

  • yay!

    whenever you want to show up! I expect it to be an evening/night thing, but feel free to come by earlier if you want and hang out.

    everyone's welcome to play!

  • Sounds great. I'm in.

  • @galapagoose

    where else you heading during the tour (sorry for the threadjack)

  • hmmmmmmm new york
    me wanna go really bad
    i will def try to make it

  • way to show me up

  • ahhh, if it were only the 5th I'd already be in town.

  • @galapagoose

    I offered a show at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ a while ago, but if you're still interested I could still hook one up for that weekend or later in the tour. It's about an hour away from NYC.

  • @galapagoose & @Ella-G

    would love to get on any bill with a css set around the eastern block if there's room. if it's all around that weekend the better.

  • maybe this should be hosted elsewhere? or instead of a full monomeet, just a epic ass basement show? if it were to be moved to outside of a house could we do a bar or are there age issues with a lot thinking of going?

  • i like the sound of a basement thing...literally underground jammin lol

    bars always have that "noise"...idk i cant explain it...basement sounds dope =P

  • I agree, basement thing would be better.

  • lmaooo

    loving the new title =P

  • Well since you put it that way.... LOL!!

  • Monomeet/epic basement show in New Brunswick, NJ (home of Rutgers University/awesome basement scene)? Maybe I could put something together? It's a train ride away from NYC...

    Other ideas:
    - I know Terrace Food Club in Princeton hosted one 2 years ago. That place is sick as hell.
    - Rent out a floor of a venue?
    - Big apartment?
    - Big house?
    - Original place?

  • we could do a full weekend basement shit show tour! i could talk to some people in lowell, MA, just outside of boston..... we should call it: drink as much as you can underground tour mini tour!

  • this is sounding more awesome every post

  • wow, are you trying to compete with the supersecretmlrv thread?

  • @active
    drink as much as you can underground (literally) tour mini tour part I of *shrug*.......2011

    i'm honored

  • no, but we figured "what could be a terrible thing to do while starting to plan in/out 2011? i know! plan a fucking drinking mini tour!"

  • ***I fixed up my original plans and now I have the 12th open.***

    I was going to see Alfred tear it up in DC, but apparently he's playing the 11th and the 12th in the same place so I'm gonna try and go on the 11th and make my way to brooklyn on the 12th now.

    Basement shows are my specialty.
    I definitely want in on the open jamming, too! Active I believe I still have your number. I'd love to see some familiar and new faces.

  • @ NO SIR E

    sweet! we both can teach each other the alfred style if you're down ;) i believe u have the same set up so this should be sweetness!! hope to see you there man!

  • lowell or nyc you know I'm in

  • anyone got a nice camera to video tape?

  • I would be willing to come down from Vermont for a basement monome jam.. have place/setting & times been finalized?

  • I can bring a camera. Wondering if it'd make sense to plan a duo set (lots of equipment) or just solo (a lot of equipment lol). Just thinking about physical space. Looking forward to it all.

  • @Talos, most definitely

  • @mhaseck
    We're trying to plan a Lowell, MA jam, too, which would be closer for you. Although you're certainly welcome to come down to NYC! Times/location are final for the NYC jam, see first post.

    We're excited!

  • in line for a jam too here, things indicate we will be there!

  • here is an idea i have been playing with for a while now.

    for the in/out fest 2010 pre party, we had smomid (if you haven't checked him out already, DO IT!!! ), come and rock a set. instead of playing his set, he ended up just jamming with the dj for an hour or so and KILLED IT!

    so i think it would be super fun and challenging for all of us to show up, and those that want to play, can toss their names in a hat and you can draw out who you will be playing/jamming with. maybe?

  • that sounds cool - maybe do that for santa fe...

  • @ Active

    thats an interesting would be interesting if we could sync 2 laptops with mlr running and if one person decides to change the pitch, it would change the other laptops pitch as well...some random funky shit right there lol no max head but hopefully someone can do it lol

  • no sync, no sync, no sync!!

    cried the midi/max-less guy.

    seriously though the fun happens falling out of sync and working your way back.

    love the idea though.

  • that's one of the reasons i think this might be a cool idea. the thing i like about jamming with this sort of open source/new technology stuff is trying to figure out what else we might want to do with it. like how do we sync to control each computers pitch and such? like, it's not necessary up until we want to do more stuff like this. and then we can run into all sorts of other cool ideas and way to push what is already going on further. like progress. or beer.

  • facebook event?