New App: Randrum

  • Hello Everyone,
    I've been working on this app for a couple of weeks and it's my first major work with Max MSP.
    It's a take on a step sequencer, but instead of you deciding where the hits will go you choose how many hits there will be and they will be placed randomly across 8 measures.

    A massive thank-you to Str8JacketAviator for trouble-shooting, advice and enthusiasm :)

    Have a look and let me know what you think, improvements &c. :)

  • *str8jacketaviator likes this* :)

  • hi beep

    can't find Options>DSP that you refer to in step 1 of yr readme is this supposed to be available from yr app? currently it's not making any noise for me; i guess this is because i haven't set up the dac correctly. looking fwd to trying it out.

  • dsp isn't accessible from the menu bar in max runtime if i remember correctly.
    quick workaround for users:
    double click [p dsp]
    hold alt and double click on a [dac~] object

  • hi maesrk

    how do i access [p dsp] and [dac~] - do I have to look at the max patch source 'wiring diagram' to see these objects? how do I open the source, if this is what i need to do? i only have the runtime.

  • woops was looking at an older version!
    try this patch, just press the button and it should pop up with the dsp settings :)

  • the dsp.maxpat was in the randrum folder - clicking on the dac~ button brings up the DSP Status window as you said. i switched audio on - all the settings look correct - the same as i see from straw which works fine for me - still no sound though :( - obviously doing something dumb, but can't figure it out at the mo.

  • @Str8JacketAviator

    thanks - i'll give this a try this evening :)

  • I completely forgot to test the patch using standalone. Sorry!
    I had a look at the fix you've done, cheers maersk and Str8!
    It seems that the DSP settings file is from max 4 not max 5?
    I've done a fix myself which should open up the max 5 DSP settings via the [standalone] object. I think this should be a better fix? Have a look and tell me what you think, it works well on my mac (DSP responding to on/offs) but then, the original worked on my mac too, so I can't be sure until one of you lovely people give it a go and report back :)

  • @beep

    will let you know how i get on once i've tried out your update this evening :) - i like the look and feel of the app.

    big list of free drum samples (acoustic and electronic) here that could be used with yr app.

    looking forward to trying this out.

  • this is looking good. i can't wait to play around with it tonight. i'm also going to snatch that dsp.maxpat that maersk posted to use in Grainslide for runtime users.

  • @beep

    still not working for me i'm afraid.

    can now fire up the dsp settings from the app - these show exactly the same settings as for stretta's straw app which does work for me - in fact the dac settings appear to be universal to all apps opened in a Max runtime session as i can change the parameters af the dac in either your app or stretta's and the setting changes are picked up by the other app. i remembered to switch audio on in the dsp settings.

    the only two pages i updated are those with the 2 banks of samples - i left all the others with their default settings, i.e. moderately loud volume, center panning tempo default.

    i've set the prefix in monome serial, i've switched on the dac, when i hit start sequence i can see the sequence progressing but no sound - none of the needles or volume levels on the randrum gui move.

    any ideas?

  • oh - doesn't look like i can change the tempo either - the sequence always progresses at the same rate.

  • Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser...
    The patch works fine for me using the run time..
    So the DAC is on and you've got the prefix set correctly. Are you pressing the rows to load up the samples in to the sequencer? Try running it and then on page one pressing button 7 all the way down the column? This should trigger 7 hits in 8 measures for the first 7 samples.
    When you change the tempo the number box on the screen should change to reflect this, are you not seeing this?
    Are you on Mac or Windows? I'm running Mac OS 10.5.8?
    Has anyone else tried this out yet? Has anyone else had these problems? Any other ideas why this might be happening?

  • @beep

    DAC on
    prefix set to /randrum
    DSP configured - and audio on
    pressing button 7 on all rows lights 7 leds in each of the sample rows
    press step sequencer on (0,7) sequence starts looping but no sound - none of the needles or level indicators move either.

    i'm running on windows


    using MAX5.0.8

    Monome Serial

    thanks for yr assistance - frustrating not to be able to get it working - looks really good

  • this app is really straight forward and intuitive. I dig the UI too!

    One feature I can think of that would rule: the ability to 'previous/next' through samples within a folder on each track. That way you don't have to click, browse every time you want to try a new sample.

    i have a 256 and was also wondering how this could be applied. hmmm.

    again, awesome work!

  • still no sound with latest version of max runtime. can't imagine old version of monome serial is making a difference - all functions work apart from no sound. with DSP settings identical to straw and mash, which work for me, i still get no sound.

    i presume the needles will move if the app is working - does this provide a clue?

    got any ideas? anyone else running max runtime on Windows?

    thanks in advance for your help

  • hey Str8

    no need to appologise - it's difficult to to test out an app in all environments - i'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

    yes, the waveforms appear and i already tried some drum samples of my own, these waveforms were displayed too - guessed it - no sound

    one idea for the app - there's a paper on generating rhthms using euclidean algorith by Godfried Toussaint - Ruin & Wesen have used this to create patches for their minicommand box. rather than distribute your beats randomly you attempt to distribute them as evenly as possible. the euclidean algorithm helps you distribute the beats. Ruin & Wesens blog includes the algorithm. i used an alternative array based technique to achieve the same technique in a step sequencer i wrote for my monome. Toussaint 's paper demonstrates that you can generate all western and african rhythms using this technique. maybe you could build this into the app - it generates some very pleasing resullts - maybe a random or even option on the beat placement?

  • @Str8

    you fixed it :)

    have sound and moving level indicators - tempo adjustment working. thanks a lot.


    great app - nice & simple to use - you can create intersting rhyhms very quickly.

    you asked for ideas:

    1 save option for patterns and sample sets
    2 page for changing the number of steps for each sample e.g. could set the BD to 7 steps, the SD to 5 steps, etc. this would enable evolving patterns
    3 randomization on the volume of the drums at each step to add extra dynamics
    4 eXtra mode where the first beat is placed at a random position but the beats are spaced as evenly as possible, as per my earlier post in this thread on euclidean rhythms

    really nice app though - can see myself using this a lot.

    any plans for a 128 version?

  • Sorry about the late reply, I've had my first week back to uni after Christmas with a load of hand ins.. That's all done now, so I can take a proper look at some of these suggestions :)

    A lot of these suggestions are things I've thought about as well, so I'll have a look at them first.
    Specifically, being able to alter the length of each sequence per sample, generating MIDI, and randomising the volume slightly for realism.

    I'm currently reading through an article about Euclidean rhythms, so I'll see what I can come up with when I'm finished. Very interesting! Thanks for the info :)

    I'm currently making the wiki on the monome site, so by the time you read this that should be up as well.

    After that I want to record a walkthrough video also. Good times :)

  • This is GREAT ! and by GREAT I mean AMAZING! I have been a monome user for a while but often I feel apps just don't make sense .I don't want to be a rocket scientist trying to get something to work , I just want to make music.
    This is intuitive and your documentation made perfect sense. The gui is also very well done. Make more please !!!!!