• 7:40!

  • on the loooooooossseeeeeeee

  • oh you guys... *blush*

    this whole project was really fun to put together, but was unfortunately a bit slapdash and we didn't have enough time to fine tune the interaction with the sound effects which left a little to be desired...

    hopefully our next project will turn out even more amazing!

  • Well, what I saw in the official video ( looked pretty synced up with the lights -- it even matched the wipeout at 1:05.

    Any chance of getting the music you played that night up on SoundCloud or some other downloadable location?

    I've been listening to your two EPs (as well as the longer-form Parallelogram project), and I can't get enough!

  • heyyyyy... just uploaded here:

  • I have to agree. I have Parallelogram booming in my motor at the moment.

  • @galapagoose:


    Mere words, even words in caps or italics, cannot convey the sheer exuberant bouncy joy this song injects straight into my soul. Nor can mere text convey the hugeness of my ear-to-ear grin.

    More like this? More would be *fantastic*.

  • I am sitting in my studio on my own listening to wise bit at quite a high volume. There was nobody to here to hear me say, "Fucking Awsome Man" so i will share it woth you guys!

  • some dope tricks

    great audio too

  • @galapagoose:

    I read through the SoundCloud comments on "wise bit" -- no prepackaged samples at ALL? Did you really do everything with just a monotron?

    I had no idea a monotron was capable of generating such NICE tones! It doesn't sound stereotypically cheesy or painfully-80s blippy at all. The low end bass notes and stutter-glitched jazzy chords . . . man, those are awesome!

  • hahaha.. oh man no!!

    i just meant the transition-modular-synth type sounds swooshing about in the background. most of it is electric piano, guitar + synth that's been chopped up.

    sorry for the confusion!