{album} active's failed houdini ep

  • finally done with the ep! free download, check it out. i played some of this stuff during the monome community tour and such. whee! new stuff (and c names for girls!) coming soon!


  • this shit sucks

  • HA-HA! I'm assuming you two are either friends or both the same entity.

    Nice work. I really like "in the wind".

  • Sounds marvelous.

    @gaubie hahaha I was going to say a very similar statement.

  • We're all friends! The monome community is now known as the monome friendship society

    Congrats active!

  • thanks for all the kind words!

    @str8jacketaviator - c names is not to far from being done! glad you've been into it!

    also, the community member volition did all the album art. hit her up if you want some!

  • Raelly really realllllly enjoyed the album sir!

    See ya soon to congratulate you in person!!!

  • thanks dude! Sounding great!

  • Hey Active

    What is your email?

    I have a track I'd like to send you. Used the A-Names on it.

    Puttin it on an album later this year and would like to give you credit.

    Also I would like your opinion.

    some great recordings on that failed houdini ep by the way

  • thanks so much citymouth! c names coming out super soon too!

  • I'm just now getting to this record. Good music, man.

    You supply me with excellent "names" sample sets (I used some of the B names in one of my tracks) and excellent tunes. I tip my hat to you, sir, and would gladly buy ya a drink (or fro-yo for the health-conscious) if you're ever in SoCal.

  • @nightmorph - thanks! I'm glad you like my music and have been able to usethose samples! And absolutely I will take you up on a beer. Thinking about visiting some friends in cali and doing some shows, I'll give you a shout!