Free piano loops

  • While I haven't yet purchased a grid controller or started sequencing stuff, I did noodle around on my piano. This community has been so helpful in starting me on the journey toward making music that I thought I should give something back. Most of the free samples I've seen so far are for drums and harsh noises; not much in the way of acoustic instrumentation.

    So here they are; four simple piano tracks I whipped up. 300KB - 700KB .wav files. Recorded in mono. For now, I've uploaded 'em to my Gentoo devspace: (1.8MB)

    If folks do use them in their mixes, I'd love to see a video or hear the audio! They're CC-licensed, so you can do whatever you want with 'em. Spread 'em around. The more, the merrier!

    (Process notes: I discovered that I can eliminate clicks'n'pops by chopping the endpoints just as the waveform crosses the center line. I do all my editing by hand in Audacity; these are otherwise raw tracks, just waiting to be mashed up or processed. And hey, if they suck in some way, lemme know. I'm just starting out, so I know I've got a lot to learn.)

  • Just downloaded. Thanks for posting them. Piano sounds are welcome in my book. Perfect!!!!!!!

  • Yay! Glad you like 'em.

    These samples were created with the intent of being able to easily load 'em onto a monome. They should work as-is for looping.

    In particular, "dcnts," "frgl," and "mprgs" use 4-note/8-note sequences. This hopefully makes it easier chop up them into single-note slices, so that you can easily spread them across the standard 8 columns. And then, you know, jam with them in mlrV, or whatever.

  • great samples! thanks!

  • Thanks! Loaded them into molar for last night's snow jam

    EDIT: morning grammatical error

  • Can't wait to play with these! Thanks a ton!

  • thank you sir!

  • just downloaded, good lookin's