Anyone wanna trade some gear?

  • @pauk

    would you be interested in a 40h with or without a case?

  • Hi wednesdayayay, What I would really like is to change my gs64 for a walnut.

    Edit: ... And of course looking to sell the ultralite...

  • Simply waiting 4 months to save up for a macbook pro seems so long, especially with such cool new software that my machine can't run. So here is some stuff I'm willing to sell for cash in the U.S.

    Roland TR-606: I have two, but only need one.

    Yamaha CS6X : If your interested in that, I need to look in my manual so that I can tell you which sound board it has in it. I only been using it as a MIDI keyboard controller as of late so I might as well let it go buy a compact key controller only. I'd rather sell this to someone in the tri-state area, cause I don't wish to deal with the packaging and shipping. I have a hard case for it as well.

  • just to see... i'd like to trade a first generation fender super-sonic 1x12 combo for a similar tube head to save some space. its been sheltered its whole life and is in good shape. as for the head... i'd prefer at least 30watts and interesting brands are a plus! san francisco bay area

  • I'm looking for any neat pcbs for some modular fun.

  • @pauk
    i can be interested in the gs/waln trade.depending on where you are based!

    how much cash? no love for faderfoxes?

    trading an maudio profire610

  • Hi Onitron, I'm in Spain!

  • @speedR thanks ,its a good price.a newbie question: what are these unsped, starfire,bibo boards and shields ,are they differnt or compatible with each other. Also please suggest some threads about different boards.

  • @steveoath I have no idea what such a beast should cost. :-) I think I'll stick to my original plan and try to get a hold of an MPC 500 so if anyone have one for sale dirt cheap please let. Me know

  • @hlp - that's cool. I'm looking for an MPD myself. I prefer the akai layout to the ensoniq.

    So if anyone wants a trade....

    Ensoniq asrx or Yamaha R1MX for akai MPD.

  • @active: i have a pcb and parts kit for a SN voice module.

    it's been sitting on the pile for eons. what you got?

  • nice to see a cool trade thread going on!
    check your whispers!

  • I got a full copy of Reason 4.0 and a full copy Reaktor 5 sitting around doing nothing.

  • bumping+check whispers

  • @stevenoath I have a mpd 18 and would be interested in the asrx. pirianbinding at live dot com if that works for you.

  • @oootini-let me poke around. let me also see if i can find that ic for that, which seems to be the hardest part!

  • I have an alesis micron that is virtually unused, in box etc. I'd love it to go to a nice home, and would entertain any similar valued noise making machines.

  • ahh that would be awesome but i dont have enough to trade or cash to offer JP :(

  • @active - got you covered dawg. chip included. all you need to source is a faceplate + knobs etc. not really interested in selling it, but if you have something interesting for swapsies let me know.

  • @oootini - i think i am getting a few buchla 258 clones. single oscillator per chip but still seems awesome. i'll let you know for sure soon

  • @lansbury - damn!

    I picked up an MPD24 off eBay yesterday. Sorry dude.

  • @lansbury how much would you want for the mpd18?

  • i have a 40h mk built into a curious inventor clear case, red leds, if anyone's interested.

    i also have the following effects for sale / trade -

    boss GE-6 eq silver screw, long dash
    boss PN-2 tremolo / pan
    boss oc-2 octave
    boss hr-2 harmonist
    boss eh-2 enhancer
    boss ds-1 distortion
    boss df-2 super feedbacker / distortion

    zvex tremorama - crazy hand painted namm edition, 6/10
    pigtronix attack sustain
    freakshow effects digilog delay
    freakshow effects #9 boost
    freakshow effects brown rabbit, rat clone
    earthquaker devices royal drive (transistor selectable overdrive, only 10 made)
    earthquaker devices tusk fuzz
    devi ever LP stutter fuzz
    handmade feedback loop with optical sensor
    ernie ball volume pedal - may need new wire kit or good cleaning, tiny bit of buzz on the sweep
    maestro tape echo. same as ep-3 echoplex minus SOS.

    lave cable kit, i could sell you as many ends as you need, i still have them sealed in the package, never used + cabling.

    trade for recording gear, modular stuff, analog effects or cash.

  • @dean - might not be worth it ince your in the UK and i'm in the US... it's about a month old with and I modded the pads. Maybe 86 USD plus shipping?

  • i forget i also have a MAM mk2 analog bassliner for trade

  • Onitron you have mail!

    Lansbury yeah wouldnt be worth it due to me being in the UK but thanks!

  • on reflection, i have some other stuff that i'm up for trading to.

    to recap:
    *SN voice module kit. everything need to build an SN voice module
    *novation super bass station. decent rack mount synth
    *circuit bent speak and maths
    *Fully functional sony xv-t33f video titler. this is an OLD school video editing machine. i bought it to circuit bend ala animals on wheels to make mega glitchy visuals. see here:

  • Hello TwinCities,
    I just edited my last whisper, I have some new info on the unit so check it out :)

  • If anyone is intrested, I have:
    8ch 16ch and 24ch 1/4" and XLR Snakes in various lenghths (4' to 25')
    Midi cables,
    usb cables
    light pipe cables, and a few AES/EBU and Spdif Cables.
    Also tons of patch cables. and 3 Patch Bays.
    Roland JV1080 with the Techno Expansion Card, and House Expansion Card. (Manuals included)
    Casiotone MT400v (Perferct for that circut bending Project!) with all the orignal componets including the speakers and orignal manual.
    M-Audio Mobile Pre
    Misc Mac Software and Manuals from Abobe and Norton (Im on Windows now, and will pack all of it up and give it away for cost of shipping only)
    Misc Factory Manuals for Pionieer DJM, Yahama Keyboards, Virus Synths and other "hardware" type of gear.
    Breakbeat Records (Progressive, Funky, Old School, Nu Skool, Bigbeat, Hardcore) Just ask, chances are if its breakbeat from 92 to 2010 on Vinyl I might have it.

    I am open to any trades or offers and will not be offended by odd trades.

    I would really like to clean off the shelves!

  • How muchs for that casiotone?

  • @SpeedR, Im open to any offers. wisper or email me. even if its a lowball offer, I still might let it go, I would rather see someone make good use of it, then sit on my shelf. thanks!

    housefly88 at gmail

  • I've got an adrenalinn 3 available for trade.

    Its actually an upgraded adrenanlinn 1, but now has all the functionality of the adrenalinn 3. I am based in the EU.

    @steveoath, interested in trading either your Ensoniq ASRX or yamaha RM1X for this?

  • I have a Korg Poly 800.

    anyone exchange for either Monome 64 or another synth (preferbaly module)

    I am in Uk but can see if i can ship abroad.

  • two casio sk 100's
    an ebow

    am looking for a video mixer

  • @ CillianJohn - Absolutely - I had no idea what one was until I just googled it. Its def right up my street.

    What do you propose? I will check to see if its the ASRX or ASRX pro (can't quite remember) and not sure if the memory was upgraded.

  • @twincities - are you US based? Some nice effects there, but i fear postage to UK is a bit prohibitive.

  • Hey,

    I have a 1st generation wavedrum with stand and programmer... I know it's a long shot but I'm just saying...

    Looking for some sort of monome.

    Am in Ohio.

  • Have now checked the ensoniq - its NOT the pro version. But have found an old SCSI lead that would allow people to add HDD/zip drive.

  • aloha.

    i have an elektron monomachine sfx-60 mkII - mint condition. still a year warranty on it. it´s for sale or for trade.

    trading for...mmmhh... surprise me!

  • @steveoath,

    Sorry I hadnt checked back to this thread for a while.

    I was hoping for a straight swap for the yamaha rm1x if its still around?
    I may be interested in the asrx too, you can email if you ant to discuss further.
    c i l l i a n w a r f i e l d at hotmail

  • @ CillianJohn - Sent you an email

  • I have an extra copy of massive

  • I have a walnut 128 with original packaging and very few scratches and a copy of ableton 8 that i am looking to trade for an MPC, any takers?

  • @smithjp

    I have an MPC 1000, blue and red version, with updated pads and jjos (the cheaper paid version - can't remember the number exactly). Theres some wear, but id be willing to trade it + cash for a 128 walnut


  • @smithjp

    Don't mean to highjack pewt's offer, but I've got the same deal if it doesn't work out.

  • @ smithjp

    just emailed you...

  • got a vintage Binatone EC3 Echo unit if anyone wants trade for something, it's got a new tape loop on, original cleaning gear and in working order! I am in UK btw

  • scrubber, any info on that echo unit? can't find any links...