Anyone wanna trade some gear?


    can post up some pics of the unit too! it has some cosmetic scuffs on case but nothing much considering its from the 60/70's! its numbered too

  • jaysis, well outside my price range.

    i have this jahmazin shruti-1 synth in a sweet x0x style box:
    and also this arduinome in a sweeet box:
    tim not included in trade.
    anyone fancy either of those?

  • i have a sh 101, want a mc 202 instead...

  • Hi Chapelier!

    I'm here in Bruxelles...
    How much do you want for the sh 101 ???
    Got a few things to sell to, but don't know if you're interrested...

    - Channel strip Amek (Neve Design) CIB : Preamp - Comp - 4 band Eq - Filters, ...
    - Joemeek Twin Q : Double preamp
    - Soundcraft K1 (more a summing console : 4 mic preamp, but 8 stereo line input, lots of outputs 6 aux, 4 groups, 4 matrix, ...)
    - Tc electronic Fireworx : Great Multifx processor.
    - Jomox T-resonator.

    Anyway, i don't have a 202, but would like the 101...
    Tell me :-)


  • Sorry, nothing can't replace my 101...unless a 202.

  • I'm willing to part with:
    -- Korg MS2000
    -- Korg Padkontrol
    -- Boss DD-7 Pedal
    -- Mike Portnoy Melody Master Snare and Max Stax...I was a big DT fan...

    Looking for:
    -- Triggerfinger
    -- LaCie Quadra Pro
    -- Moogerfooger MF101

  • @oootini
    are you willing to part with that super bass station? how much would you want for it?

  • @vis, sorry i sold it...

  • @flyinghelmets :
    got a triggerfinger, i don't use it. i hate it.
    Maybe interested in the DD 7

  • i'd trade my gs64 for something of equal value or something + cash..

    anyone interested?

  • @chapelier:
    Pretty strong words!
    What don't you like about it?
    I like my padkontrol, but it doesn't feel sturdy enough to tote around.

    Anything else you have lying around, unused and unwanted?
    Anyhow, here's my e-mail so we can firm things up.

    w e b b a 4 8 (at) g m a i l dot com

  • simply don't like the pads. They are taking dust and it makes like talc on it.
    I am not at home these days, but i may contact you if you wish.

  • @ chapelier fou: I have a mc202 and would be interested in swapping for a 101. Where are you located? - I'm in Denmark.

  • casio sk 100 (so rare and lovely but just nver use it)
    panasonic ave-3 video processing mixy thingy (google karl klomp- ave 3)
    ebow plus
    yamaha dx100
    yamaha fb01
    gp2x cradle (for add tv/usb pads/wifi/mice etc, may not be of interest to anyone here like)
    m-audio x-session pro midi controllings
    circuit bent sega mega drive 2

    and maybe, my roland v-synth (keyb version)

    wouldnt mind a trigger finger, korg er-1, boss sp303/ roland sp404
    or a machine drum or something of equal value to the roland.

    also open to any offers for cash or trades! let me know what youve got.

    am looking fo cool shiz

  • ootini that shruthi in the xoxbox case is phenomenal. really makes me wish i hadnt bothered getting a case for mine now! well done mate

  • @doktor syntax :
    Hey, i didn't see your post, sorry.
    I live in France. But i am in New York these days i come back home next wednesday. Let's keep in touch, my e mail is
    l o u i s wa r yn sk i (at) g mail .c om

  • @twincities

    is your 40h still up for grabs?

  • @lolitacomplex how much for casio and also the yamaha dx100

  • @lolita: thanks! yeah it came out really boss...

  • i have a korg er-1 (the 9 volt adapter that would come with this was bought about a year ago so it is in good condition) that is in good condition there are a couple surface blemishes i can get pictures or video of the unit if anyone is interested.

    was thinking about 100 but am willing to talk about a price a little (they have been going on ebay reasonably {somehow some are going for like 200 bucks} for between 120 and 140)

    also an old macbook (from 2006 the earlier edition i believe) i haven't used for a year or so it needs a good bit of work (it would need a working battery/charger, headphone jack is not always useable, cd drive doesn't work) but it still runs just fine it just needs to be plugged in right now to work. which is why i don't use it much anymore plus we got another computer so this one needs a good home to someone who can get a couple parts i will explain in more detail if anyone is interested in either item

    i believe the macbook is a 1.83ghz c2d 60g hard drive with 1g of ram (maybe 80) let me know what you think is a fair price


  • I have a
    Korg ESX-1
    Korg Kaoss Pad 2
    Midiman Oxygen 8
    Manta Snyderphonics Ver.1
    Yamaha ProMix 01 (heavy)
    and an old Korg Trident Mk1 (maybe to heavy for shipping)

    would prefer a trade.
    i'm in austria.

    edit: found an alesis micron in the basement ;)

  • i have midifighter special edition with extra buttons and enclosure + 2 faceplates (1 black one transparent). trade only.

    also an arp odyssey late MKI (it's a blackface but with pitch bend knob, no ppc) that i would consider trading exclusively for a korg MS-20

    pictures on request

    ontario canada

  • I have a Presonus Firebox I wouldn't mind selling.

  • I have a Motu Ultralite interface I am wanting to sell perhaps exchange... Asking £295 on ePay but could swap for something nice...

  • I have a SSL Duende Mini to sale. It comes with Channel Strip, Bus Compressor, X-EQ, X-Comp, Drumstrip, Vocal Strip, Drum Strip and 64 channels extensions. I paid 1 300 € for the bundle, it's like new and works perfectly. I'm asking 700€ for it, but would consider trading it to. I already have a 40h and a 256, and I'd love to have a SH 101...
    I'm in France.

  • @ hehrye I'm in the market for an audio interface. Email me at zjbm26 at goldmail dot etsu dot edu

    Anyone else with a portable audio interface feel free to give me a shout too

    edit: I corrected the email address. My mistake!

  • I gots a Jazzmutant Lemur I'm willing to trade for Elektron items. :) or cash works as well.

  • hmm, i got some stuff i could do some trading with:

    akai mpd32
    2 vestax pdx-2000 turntables and a numark dxm-06 mixer.

  • @eelko: what type of things might you be interested in trading for your mpd? I'm looking for some used pads as well.

  • @eelko: i need a turntabie, where do you live?

  • @darb: I sent you an email and got a message failure. You can contact me at hehrye at googlemail dot com


  • @darb: i'm looking for a microkorg or similar synth. or something cool! i'd also do it for $200 or best offer.

    @lokey: i live around boston. will ship though anywhere.

  • @eelko: I have a microkorg as it turns out, but I'm quite fond of it. Could you email me at the above mentioned address? I corrected the issue with the message failure.

  • i have a 40h for sale ($350 including shipping) or trade...

  • I have a WTPA for sale or trade for something interesting - maybe a shruthi? More details here...

  • Just re-read through this thread. There's some cool stuff here!

    Here's some other things I could throw in the pot on top of the WTPA:

    - Novation Launchpad
    - 60GB 3G iPod
    - BOSS GE-7 EQ Pedal

    @julez - you still looking to get rid of the midifighter?

    @pororca - what might you trade for the micron?

  • @declutter: hmm, you have any other gear. fx units
    but honestly, i have to check first the condition of the micron, i think there is a problem with the volume knob. very noisy when i turn the volume up. at max its fine but... won't trade a defect unit, except you know how to replace the potentiometer and i am not sure if this solves the problem.

  • @pororoca - if this falls through would you sell it to me too fix up? will give me a good project!

  • @dean: for sure. i think that it should be a simple fix and the unit is like new, but i don't have the time for this. used this unit only with midi, so never touched the surface ;) great sound and multitimbral, you'll love it!

    send me an offer.. special price for kilt wearing scottishman

  • awesome man how much are they new? id rather you gave me a price , i dont like making offers, especially to friends incase there offended haha.

  • @dean: micron new is around 370€. i'll check the condition of mine this weekend and send you a mail.

  • i have a practically brand new gs64 for sale or trade (from last years december batch)

    only used a few times and looks just as perfect as when it came to me! located in melbourne, australia

    open to all kinds of trades, as well as trades+cash

    email tallevin9 @ yahoo . com if interested!

  • @pororoca

    I'm really interested in the Korg Trident, or any Vintage Poly synth. I'm looking to trade in an Korg M3 with exb radias installed, a Yamaha DX7 with some issues. If anyone has an old polysynth (Prophet 5, Jupiter 6, PPG Wave, Yamaha CS, Oberheim OB), I'm not sure why you would be, but if you are interested in swapping with some cash on top please stop sipping your tea and let me know.

  • I have

    Little Talking Scholar - Unbent
    2 Akai Riff o matics - Unbent
    Radium 61
    Logidy UMI3
    Drumkat with hatkat and fatkat pedals (only sold together, sorry)

  • anyone wanna swap a bent speak and math for some kind of reverb/phaser/pitcher shifter etc etc pedal?

  • @ declutter: yes still looking but I just messaged back someone who PMed me. I'll let you know if its still available or not

  • I have

    Novation launchpad
    korg minikey

    anyone willing to trade?

  • microkey*

  • @hammer - where are you? interested in WTPA or GE-7 for microkey?