? about new 256 orders.....

  • So i am 120th in the request list for the 256, and since only 100 will be made, does this mean i won't have a change to get one.....unless 20 people go without paying?
    Thanks !.!

  • Im #20 ^^

    I think they said if the demands high theyll up the batch

  • there better be, i MUST have a 256 preferably right now, but i have to wait:(

  • I'd guess that there's a reasonable chance that 20 people on the list could drop out between making the request and when it's time to pay up.

  • Haha i remember waiting for mine. it was excrutiating, it will take for e ver. Its like christmas morning when you get it tho haha.


  • i guarantee that half of the list won't pay. you'll get one.

  • Hi tehn,
    if there's a chance that 256 might start shipping before August, would you
    let us know in advance?

  • there is no chance. we have tightly scheduled deliveries of top plates, keypads, circuits, and enclosures. as many have seen in the past, more often than not we've faced sourcing problems, which are common for low-quantity runs. we're getting much better, though. we're hoping to have most device built before taking orders from now on.

  • so, when other people hadn't payed (hopefully) and its my turn next in line, youll send me an email and i will have a certain amout of time to pay through the googlecheckout? i just want to go ahead and understand how it will work so i dont go nuts at the last second.
    Thanks !.!

  • Everyone on that list who wants one I bet will get one. For example, I have my name on there but that's only for the chance that I have the money at the time. Same with the 128. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what a lot of people did! ;-)

  • it's cool to see so many people excited about receiving their products!

    for those hoping to speed up the delivery process, i'm sure a parcel of cookies, chocolates and other treats sent over to monome hq wouldn't go amiss ;)

  • i sit waiting anxiously for my 256 with a order reservation #100.

  • I think it will be very interesting to see what happens on the software side once there are 200 256s out there.

    I also wonder how long it will be before someone walks into my office and doesn't ask, "what's that?"