leslie speaker (conversion?)

  • so i just pulled out a 8", 8ohm, styro-rotor leslie from my wurlitzer 560 organ i decided to trash (don't mourn, found on the side of the road and it had plenty, plenty of problems). i stripped it of its relay switch and re-soldered everything up and plugged it into my fender supersonic...

    first of all, wow. the most beautiful tremo-phase i have ever heard out of an amplifier. but as expected, the power is lacking and even more seriously lacking in the low-freq department.

    i'm deciding whether or not i should try switching out the stock speaker with a 12" vintage fender speaker i have lying around, but i'm a little afraid the new driver might be too much? it would mount perfectly to the back, but i just don't want to ruin the sound of the tremolo.

    a photo: http://twitpic.com/3q2r5d

    as of right now, i'm thinking it may be best to keep the speaker hole (inside) the same size and just doing a straight switch. then replacing the pillow that's stapled to the back with one of appropriate size and slamming it in a box with a speed control for the motor.

    does anyone have any suggestions to help me achieve the best possible outcome? thanks in advance!

    EDIT: ps. my amp has an auto impedance switching circuit and i intend to run my combo speaker and leslie concurrently so bass isn't such a terrible concern... just overall loudness.

  • hello

    a friend of mine is a maniac about all this that come out of old organs.
    we recently did the conversion your talking about.
    we found that with an actual subwoofer installed you lose alot of the tremolo effect, cuz of the way bass frequencies interact in a room. it just does weird things, sometimes not very musical.
    with that said i would suggest that you dont try to use it for any bass.
    but as far as putting a louder woofer in there. the answer is yes. we used an RCF in his and it screams.

    also for the variable speed control, we just butchered an old sowing machine and used its motor and foot control.

    i hope ive been of some help to you.


  • appreciate the reply--the idea of using a machine pedal to control the speed wouldn't have come to me. i mounted the 12" speaker and ran it parallel with my fender and the stereo sound was really great--solo, the leslie sounds super heavy and psychedelic (even out of a cabinet). thank you!