kit/giant button ideas?

  • how might one construct a kit with giant (maybe 12 inch/300mm) buttons and the logic board to make an architectural scale monome? any ideas?

  • with big diodes...........and cohones

  • that sounds awesome. i've dreamt of a one that has 4 to 6" buttons to use as a foot controller.

    are there any buttons with good optics for that kind of thing?

    i'd guess the current button material wouldn't really be useful for feet, and the star parttern probably has too much noise, unless implemented on a larger scale;

  • i'd make your own button. use guitar stomp box switches or something and then fabricate the outer layer. a high brightness led might be enough. if not you can use a transistor and a small lamp.

  • an led with some sort of fresnel lens over it thats set a few inches from the surface should disperse the light evenly enough. ive trying to figure this one out for a while now, my designs are a little more complex than just a flat floorplan though.

  • I was thinking of making a ghetto version of this by making a plastic casing that fits over 4 buttons

  • @mistone, that ghetto version can be easily done, I'm at the laser shop tomorrow, I'll cut a few parts for those big 2 x 2 overlays ;-)

    @goiks: I think you'll need to have a big mechanical switch, like the footswitches tehn suggested or a big red "emergency stop" switch.. The hard part is probably preventing the users to put too much pressure on the switches, so there has to be some kind of mechanical stop inside.

    You could use normal street/garden tiles inside a steel or alu frame. Big springs underneath and adjust the switch so that it makes just a little contact when the tile is at it's lowest point.

    This sounds like a good summer project for your backyard, monome fun for the whole family :-)

    Edit: hmm.. forgot that the button should be translucent.. Use a thick glass tile, thick acrylic/lexan panels or use tiles with holes in them, attach a thinner glass/acrylic panel on top... I'll let you know when I think of something else..

  • Another possibility is to use the analog inputs and outputs ( wait are there analog outputs ? )

  • thanks xndr -

    i was thinking about large glass jars in a grid with the bottom facing out/protruding a couple inches from the faceplate and with the lid mounted to a footswitch and a one watt luxeon led lightbulb. it's getting from there to the logic board that's really intimidating...

  • I think the easy solution is to use a monome button pcb: solder the wires coming from the big button grid on top of the button pcb. You will probably have to use darlington arrays to power (solid state) relays for your luxeons, but I think standard 5mm bright leds will be bright enough.

    I'm not sure if these darlingtons will work with the high multiplexing frequency of the MAX7221 led matrix driver. Maybe Tehn knows?

  • thats how you teach a class : )

  • goiks: I had the same thought for performance puposes, but for me it is really just a nice dream. I put a couple of youtube vids on my blog of giant LED button grids. One is absolute enormous. Think of it as inspiration: