Oldest monome user

  • or is that too revealing...

    41 here.

  • Hey there youngster... I'm 46 -- (47 in March) I plan on playing a set on my Birthday wearing a Kangaroo Suit. Srsly, growing up is hugely overrated.

  • agreed

  • not even close
    ...not that it matters

  • 28, age is overated anyway.

  • you'll get there, ya youngins. Just watch out for buses.

    nigh 32 here, but i like to recall that this is in fact only my sixteenth 2nd birthday. Or my second 16th...or, given this forum, maybe i should just say 2^5.

  • 52+! and frequently embarrassing my teenage sons with my childishness and silly sample looping & slicing... towards the fun!!

  • I'm @lokey+10. You figure it out.

  • idk about being the oldest, but i can tell you that im gunna be buried with my monomes...lol

  • and staying young while getting less so.

  • @raja
    DUUUDEEEE!!! I too am 35.
    don't really know I'm so excited about that.

  • and why aren't more people excited that there's a 52 year old building himself a monome (or 3) and learning how to mash sounds in ableton and program in pure data at the half-century mark? ;-)

  • hey- 48 here [not quite the top, but very close]

    when my ex-wife used to tell me to 'grow up' [like when i was doing yoga, or smoking herb, or writing music, or ...], i'd often respond, "but i *am* grown up. this is as grown up as i'm going to get ..."

    needless to say, we divorced shortly after

  • @bongo

    i'm excited.

  • @bongo

    I'm impressed ! Keep the groove going on !

    I'm 30 btw.

  • @watson, @aero - i appreciate your kind words, but what i am really hoping for if i win the oldest monome user title is that tehn gives me an arc as a prize!

  • good luck with that one bongo

  • dang, a prize...

    time to visit the doc modders

  • @bongo

    your prize is that you are still alive ...


  • @bongo..

    i am impressed..


  • it's nice to be reminded that awesomeness doesn't have to decrease as age increases.

    i'll be 25 this year. holy quarter century, monoman!

  • oh i guess i'm 30.

  • part of me wishes i had the opportunity to work with tools like the monome and pd and ableton 35 years ago - i might have pursued a very different course of study in college.

  • It's true, you young bucks got it good. We just had the 70's, 80's the birth of synths and classic rock. Of course no one could afford that gear unless you were The Who or something.

  • @bongo - spooky - I thought the same about the arc prize - be 61 in May - do I win? Still using my 40h - but not enough.

    @bar|none - those classic synths were dirt cheap in the '80s - nobody wanted them - got my Roland System 100 for £95

    My 22yr old use ableton and sofysynths - tries to teach me and uses my old gear sometimes. My Dad 88 has no interest in electronic music - Hmmm ;-)

  • Sqrt[15162/42] in march

  • n n n n n n n nineteen ? Cool song:http://www.top40db.net/Lyrics/?SongID=85001

  • Was 33 on 4th Jan.

    But I'm a primary school (elementary school) teacher so get to pretend I'm a kid for a day job!!!

  • @oldanalogger - no fair holding out and not announcing your age until the (fictitious) arc prize is announced.

  • Cool, I thought I was pushing the envelope here at 33. Its awesome to see alot/most of the people using/building monomes are in my age bracket or older. Now it make sense why its so civil on this forum : )

    @oldanalogger, Ivery much agree with your statement about classic/analouge synths, even into the early to mid 90's they were dirt cheap. (if it didnt have midi, no one wanted them, and cv to midi upgrades were expensive!) I picked up several Roland 909's and 808's from thrift stores here in florida. (in the 90's, not recently)