Vizzie modules as m4l patches

  • Zeal of Melbourne has kickstarted the process:

  • "frog" video i/o .... hahaha

    for patching.

    I had a vizzie setup mixing usb cameras; have to check the details on vizzable!

    was having difficulties stripping the audios. maybe zealousy solved!

  • looks neat!

  • winner, I'm working on a way of auto linking them now.

    a syphon plugin could be handy, might get on that tonight...

  • argh syphon...

    i'm on windows :(

  • @vsfeat

    hey y'all,
    long time listener first time caller ;P

    how are you going with the plugins?

    @vsfeat any luck with auto connecting? i don't know enough about using the api to get it to work. I think it could work but keeping the plugins modular is important so they need a way to communicate to devices on other tracks like a drop down.

  • Enjoying very much! Thank you for them. Built some fun racks.

    I know no max though. Good luck.

  • i've made a small update to these plugins -

    all devices frozen and outputs plugged with “.” to prevent stack overflow errors
    Grabbr – webcam source now selectable
    Playr – clips in drop down now save properly

    download link's the same.

    anyone had any ideas on autoconnecting the devices or using and different send/receive method?

  • So there are some more video max for live devices that have just been released and they're amazing:

    they also happen to be compatible with VIZZable and the author and I have started a google group to get some more hands involved in merging and developing the projects. Help us test and develop!

  • anyone around that currently uses these? i am having difficulties getting video from the vizzable viewer and i am not sure what's wrong.

  • @away
    one thing to check is that your videos are in quicktime format. all video in jitter/max is based on quicktime.

    if you're triggering videos live then also make sure the track with the playr module is record armed.

  • they are .mov's. and i armed the track with the viewer/plar and it's still not working. hmmm... what else should i try?

  • what are you running? mac/windows? which version of live and max? vizzable 0.9.2?

  • mac mini 10.6.5
    macbook 10.5.8

    live 8.2

    vizzable 0.9.2

    not working on either system.

  • hmmm...

    live 8.2.2 and max 5.1.8 are probably important - vizzable uses some max objects that aren't available in the older versions.

    can you tell me more about the problem? when you drop a folder of videos is the menu populated?

    something else to try might be rather than triggering with midi notes, moving the selection knob and hitting fire.

    you might also want to ask here:

    lots of us there, someone might be able to pick the problem faster than me.