GS64 Case Getting Loose

  • I've been having a strange issue with my Greyscale 64 where the edges of the case are starting to loosen and a fine crack is appearing.

    It hasn't effected playability or anything, but I'm beginning to notice that dust is building up in the crack and I don't want it to start jamming up buttons prematurely.

    I opened up the case and used q-tips to carefully clean out the dust and reassembled it and it actually seems to be bigger on one side. Not sure how to proceed. I might try to remove the case and put it back on much more carefully again but doubt it will work.

    Hard to see it in the photo, but thats the best it gets.

    Any ideas?

  • Same separation issue with my gs128, but I haven't had dust buildup. I actually forgot about it.

  • I just noticed the same thing yesterday - just a fine separation - I wonder if the rubber is drying out in the indoor-heated winter air? Not sure if there is a solution - some way to lubricate the case maybe - but I've been looking for an excuse to build a LEGO enclosure for it so maybe this is my chance!

  • I wonder if the gaps will close in the spring time.

  • this may also be an issue of the steel expanding or relaxing.

    to fix this:

    open up the device, remove the top plate, disconnect the ribbons (remember how they were hooked up... not very complicated, don't worry!)

    flex the sides in-- bend them inwards, towards the center. you can then replace the plate, and see if/how it has changed, then repeat if needed.

    i've corrected a few this way without any problems.


    at first I thought you have some reallly crazy sleaves... then I realized it was a couch

  • @tehn

    Cool. I'll try that. Haven't opened it before. Little scared.

  • Thanks for the info, Brian - mine isn't a problem at this point but it's good to know how to tweak it if it comes to that.

  • @thealphanerd yeah no thats just my incredibly retro couch. I don't think I could pull off that crazy of a shirt.

    @tehn. I will definitely try that. I play a lot with it off the table and in my hands to use tilt and I think I stretch the side out with my thumb. I'll let you know.

  • happened with mine too. don't fear opening her up! shit looks cool on the inside! i signed my name inside mine.

  • Hmmm okay. So I tried that and it worked pretty well. Closed it up except for a small portion about 1 inch long. I'm happy with it now so thanks.

  • you should be able to bend problem area. it's actually difficult to apply uniform pressure without paying attention... so pay attention!

  • Ha. I will do that. Mostly I just didn't want to open it up again, I keep putting the screw back in to make sure because for some reason the crack is a little bigger with the screw in.