New app 'arc reactor' now with more app

  • Just kidding... please no stabby stretta!

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  • too funny ! :D

  • Ha! Fell for it ! Played like a fiddle i was...or monome if thats your fiddle of choice :)

  • So.... hopefully you won't be too mad stretta... but I have an app I'm working on, and arcReactor is the PERFECT NAME

    So this is both an app and a dev tool... still in beta but I have enough here to share.

    arcReactor is a framework for modular arc development. arcReactor creates 4 zeroconf services (reactors), which deal with sending and receiving all data for each of the individual encoders on the arc.

    I have included an embedable patcher in the mix called reactorosc... it works just like the serialosc patcher... embed it in your arcReactor patch's and you have a simple way to drive focus to individual encoders. This patch will most likely not work if you don't use the included reactorosc

    Currently the protocol is pretty much identicle to the current arc protocol... except for two differences...

    First the data you receive does not have a number to let you know which encoder it is coming from... your patchs will only receive info from the encoder you are focused on

    So incoming OSC messages will appear as

    /delta d

    position change on encoder by value d (signed). clockwise is positive.

    /key s

    key state change on encoder to s (0 or 1, 1 = key down, 0 = key up)

    For outgoing osc messages they are again identicle... except you do not specify prefix, and you do not specify encoder number

    /ring/set x l

    set led x (0-63) on encoder to level l (0-15)

    /ring/all l

    set all leds on encoder to level l (0-15)

    /ring/map l[64]

    set all leds on encoder to 64 member array l[64]

    /ring/range x1 x2 l

    set leds on encoder between (inclusive) x1 and x3 to level l (0-15). direction of set is always clockwise, with wrapping.

    Well enjoy, and please let know of any bugs

    BTW... max4live version with a series of modules coming soon :P

  • I desperately need something like this in Max4Live. The lag in transmitting /map commands over [send] is unbearable. =)

  • update with max4live module... and a little more polish

  • yo!

    do you care to offer another explanation of what this can be utilized for. i am having a difficult time grasping it's exact functions.

  • @away message,

    Not sure if you've seen this, but Myles talks about the app here:
    (starting at about 46 and a half minutes in.)

  • thanks for that. it cleared a lot up.