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  • So,
    I'm trying to add a step length feature to 'Randrum'. ([]=randrum )

    My idea to implement it is: on button presses the pattern changes as usual, but if you hold down the button the total length of steps will change upon release.

    I think I have the press and hold mechanic down right, but after putting it in to the app, everything's gone a little crazy!

    For some reason, I've now got 2, sometimes 3 'steppers' (the vertical line in the step sequencer, is there a technical name for it?) appearing.. I've done something wrong, but I can't for the life of me work out what is causing it..

    Also, since making the changes the pattern message messages being sent from the [matrixctrl] on the pattern select page doesn't match to the one being recieved by the [matrixctrl] on the global page select page.

    I'm stumped.

    If anyone fancies taking a look at what I've got and poking around that would be awesome.

    To give you a hand looking around in the patch:
    The problem areas are the patcher 'page 1' (and 'page 2' as that's a copy for the second set of samples).
    In 'page 1' are the sub patches:

    'scramble' which is controlling the pattern randomisation. It hasn't changed since the last version really, so I don't think that's the problem..

    'length' which is sent messages when the button is held for more than 600ms.

    and 'stepper' which is receiving messages from length, and changing the arguements in a [counter] object as required to change the pattern length.

    There's also a 'master counter' in the main 'page 1' page. This is because I want the patterns to stay in phase when you go from a short length back up to a length of 8 if you see what I mean. All length 8 patterns should line up..

    To make matters stranger the 'stepper' on the tempo page is working fine. It's just the sample pages..

    If anyone has been bothered to read through this and fancies having a look then I'd massively appreciate it! :)