FS: Midi Fighter

  • I've got a black midi fighter in perfect condition that I have used very little. It has the most recent firmware update with the four banks mode. It's awesome with traktor (you can download custom tsi files from midifighter.com). It comes with the original cable, stickers, and documentation. It is hand numbered 99/500. I'd like $170 plus shipping for it. Hit me up if you're interested!

    576 x 417 - 89K
  • btw, it works well as a midi controller for effects in live, too. In 4 banks mode, you essentially get 4 octaves of midi notes being sent, so it's use is not limited to traktor.

  • I should also mention that the leds are blue, and can be lit independently of button presses by sending midi back to the midi fighter. :)

  • i can get one straight from djtt for $190 sitting in India.

  • What's the action like? Is it easy to map to other non-traktor progs? I'm looking for something to map out drums on to play live. Was thinking of AKAI MPD as is velocity sensitive is the midifighter?

    Lots of Qs there, sorry. Should prolly just look it up!

  • The action is exactly what you would expect from a quality arcade button. No velocity or pressure sensitivity, just super fast triggering. You could use it for triggering drums. You can set the base note, then have one grid of 16 notes, or four grids of 12 notes. You can also set a global velocity level and midi channel.

    I'd go $150 plus shipping on it.

  • Is it just a case of getting the software to "learn" the notes generated by button presses (I've never configured a midi controller before so I'm going by what I've seen for videos on the padkontrol/MPD).

  • There are a number of ways you could use it as a controller, but one way would be to map the incoming midi notes to something like clips in live using live's midi learn feature. Or you could route the incoming notes to trigger vst instruments or control effects.

    One way I used it was to route the incoming midi to an instance of the finger in live. Then in four banks mode, I have four octaves of notes to trigger effects.

  • im building my own variant on this, and have written a m4l app which adopts a 'chording' type approach, where holding down one button maps the others into different combinations of midi messages, gives you an incredible density of messages that way (although my own version has a joystick which gets remapped as well, and a brace of knobs...)

  • Ah, all you crazy kids with Live! Unfortunately I'm working in Reason, rewired into reaper (hopefully) I've just managed to relocate my reason discs to reinstall.

    I'm getting to think MPD or Padkontrol would be easiest to achieve what I'm doing. The midifighter just looks cooler!

  • is this still available?

  • Yes, it is still available...

  • i might be interested...how do you set this thing up? ive been looking at one of these for a couple weeks, can you just plug it in and go?

  • Pretty much. It sends out standard midi. If you're using traktor, you can use a tsi file designed specifically for it. Otherwise, you can just map midi like you would from any other controller. You either get 16 notes out, or 4 banks of 12 notes out.

  • okay thanks! im gonna do some quick research on how it works with ableton live and i will get back to you as soon as i can!