2011 RPM Challenge... [complete!]

  • http://rpmchallenge.com/

    Summary: 10 songs or 35 minutes. All produced 100% within the month of February.

    I plan on making a solo submission, but there is some interest in getting another monome community submission this year. Anybody interested just has to produce 1 track. I can offer to aggregate submissions for such a project. I believe "miximal" was a great name in the past. Discuss.

    ---UPDATE Mar 1----

    Looking back through old posts, there is the excellent 2008 miximal album:
    A discussion from 2010 that seemed to fizzle out:
    As well from 2009:
    An album that lokey, sixohsix, and myself did for RPM2010 :)...
    An album from Made by Robot:
    I'm probably missing some stuff.

  • i'd do a track, or two.

  • i'd certainly be down.

  • i'd give making a track a try, don't know if it'd make the standards expected though.

    *edit*- just saw from the 2008 entry that all entries on the album were made with members of the community WITH monomes.
    would it be open to members who don't have a monome yet, or what that be against the point of the entry?

  • my plan is to do an album myself, but my plan is to do 5 tracks from my own material, then remix five other artists stems for the final tracks. Anyone down for a stem exchange midfebruary?

  • @lokey thats a pretty damn good idea actually. I'd do some exchanging for sure.

    @marconk I think technically one ought to have a monome or monomeish device... although there wouldn't be any way to tell if one did not have such a device.

  • wow. guess mtn had a nice february;)

    i'd be in for remixing!

  • good stuff folks! Look forward to the collabo.

    @marconk, noobs are definitely welcome to the party, grab a brush and join in!

  • @lokey - that sounds like a great idea. I'm going to be trying to get guitar/lofi electronic tracks done so would be willing to contribute stems.

  • 4 days to go bump!

  • i was on the first album with mtn and the other guys (i was under my Ghosts of the Field moniker), and it was a great experience. we actually set up an ftp and loaded it with a collective mess of collected samples and material. mtn may still have it up, don't know. miximal was our group name as well as the album name. in any case, i'm up for another go. maybe the rest of the old gang could join in for old time's sake? i remember we also used a group on Google to discuss the projects, which is still there, actually.

    @lokey: good to see you around!

  • @archetype303, wouldn't be anywhere else ;)

    looking forward to a brace of productivity! Get the juices flowing again...

  • I'm humble you posted my Made By Robot Binary, but ugh, I've grown to dislike that album, I think cramming 10 tracks of mix down and mastering into the last week of feb pushed that album into overplayed for me, plus I find it feels rushed and not my best work

    It's a word of warning to anyone you have to compromise to meet that deadline, it is a challenge but it can be a lot of effort.

  • I'm thinking I might do a 35min session for it this year. One take, spend 2 weeks setting it up.

  • @jp I was thinking something similar... my wife has already expressed dissatisfaction based on how much time I spent on it last year... and at that point I had 2 other people helping! Mastering and tweaking seems to take more time than making the core of a track for me.

  • ha, my first rpm album was pretty madcap. It was right after i got my first 128; i had just discovered molar, and just bought my zen drum, so it was pretty interesting basically setting up a new workflow with an entirely new approach. I wound up doing a couple live juggles of sounds with molar, and then a brace more arranged numbers with samples and noises played on the zendrum. Finished the whole thing sitting in my girlfriends apartment in new york (i saved a bundle on shipping by bussing down from ottawa ;). Definitely a rushed process, but i hope to be more deliberate with this one. Do a brace of stems, exchange em as discussed, then cut together something live and fiddle with it. Yes, i think thats the way forward ;] good luck folks!

  • OK!

    So Feb 1 is today for most people, so I guess I should get on this.

    I don't know how many people use dropbox, but I've set up a dropbox folder that could, in theory, be shared amongst any interested parties. Dropbox works pretty well for these sorts of things. And free accounts can use up to 2 gb.

    I propose that people can post useful samples in there, or stems that others might want to remix. Otherwise, just make a track sometime before the deadline and it'll be on the album.

    The deadline for the album submission to RPM is Feb 28, so I think all tracks should be submitted by Feb 27th so that I can upload a coherent album.

    So please fire me an email at noiseflowr at gmail to proclaim your intentions and I can send you an invite for the dropbox if you want it.

    I'll update the first post, as well.

  • First few days in bump!
    Haven't had much free time to mess around yet myself... this month is going to disappear fast.

  • Still in it to win it! Just gotta get moving. First day I've had off in too long, and no time for anything. Ah, life.

  • Watson has submitted a track to the dropbox already! I guess I better get on top of this... 1/3 of the month is already gone!

  • i've actually just put together a weird little dubsteppy number, should have time this weekend to throw things together... This month is going to be far too tight. I made the mistake of putting together a good proposal, and then they went ahead and gave me the contract. Damn, always a problem, biting off more than i want to chew...

  • @lokey: Thats what you get for being smart.

    @those who care: I've also put together a work in progress track for the rpm album... a little outside my usual style (assuming I have one), but still lots of effects processing for sure. It can be found at:

  • I'm off next week (have to move house) but should be able to get some tracks together :-)

  • So managed to get a satistfactory mixdown done of this first track, wont share it yet, but here are the stems from the first pass render stage. Most of these got another round of eq and fx on the way to the final, but these might be fun for you all to play with...


    and just for good measure, here are some stems from a track last year, if it works for youse...


  • I am soon finished with my first track.
    Very mellow and minimal.

  • 8 days left bump! Geez this month went fast...

    We have a few tracks under our belt, but still coming up short. Just need a few more people to throw together a track in the next week and we should be good.

    This up-comming week with the wife out of town I plan on doing my entire album submission. I could remix somebody's monome RPM submission too I suppose.

    Also, anybody want to do an album cover for the submission?

  • Got another track fleshed out this morning, and I've got a lot of noodles recorded; I should be able to sort out one more over the week. Noise, your still coming down to Calgary for the weekend? I'll plan to do some mannner of live deally played out then...

  • I'd be down to do a cover come the end of the week...

  • @lokey yeah should be in Calgary on Sat-Sun. Set aside a few evening hours for a jam!

  • allright i tried to share the track now. you've got a mail..

    let's see if this soundcloud thing works.

  • It does! Got it.

  • i put a couple track stems up on the dropbox share last night. Some neatness that arose out of a generative patch im working on...

  • I've received tracks so far as follows:
    Watson - 3:32
    noiseflowr - 4:25
    KristofferLislegaard -5:52
    lokey - ~4:30

    Total run time: ~18 minutes and change. Need ~18 more minutes!

    I'm working on a remix of lokey's stems from the dropbox... still need a few more submissions by Monday!

  • I have 5 songs on my soundcloud that were done in February and used a lot of monome. I would probably pick "To The (point)" But Im not sure if any of the tracks are what you are exactly looking for. Let me know and Ill send the files your way.


  • As long as it was produced in February its a fair submission! Plus its a great track! Yeah send me a lossless wav or aiff to noiseflowr at gmail please.

    With this and a remix of lokey's track that I'm working on, we ought to only need 9 more minutes of music... two more submissions? Or one long ambient number? :)

  • ill make a piece

  • i have another three tracks done, im still pushing to get a full album made by sunday night, im not sure whether there's an issue with a track contributing to more than one album? In a pinch, ive discovered that the track i submitted at 91 also sounds really good at 76bpm, so...

  • im going to make a cover image this afternoon btw...

  • I can try to make a track if there is room?

    In all honesty Id feel honored to make a track!


  • please do dude! Room for one more. I was actually thinking of going in tonight and cutting up your jazzstep mix into something something...

  • Do i need to pull from a samples base? I need a link to that.

    cizrek at aol com

  • not necessary, but i do have a brace of stems up (earlier in the post). Its a roll-your-own sort of thing, not like the mcrp...but you should get on the next one of those too you know...

  • got a dropbox account?

  • no. I have samples I can use. I hope this cd gets made. I tried to contribute to the last couple monome RPMs but they never pushed through.

    *gets to work on a track*

  • oh, it'll be made. My only concern is whether i get enough done myself to contribute a whole album of my own work, or whether to just throw all my lot in with this effort ;]

    just got a neat cover design worked out, but dropbox is acting odd, ill have to post it once i iget home...

  • I've given up on producing an album of my own for this year... I was going to make something based on a noise generator in reaktor that I liked, but after much messing around I was never really happy with the quality of the stuff I was making.

    More tracks the merrier. We need 10 (or more) tracks or 35 (or more) minutes... so keep tracks coming!

  • I'm also thinking of where to host this album online... new bandcamp site? THe 2008 album was hosted on mtn's site.

  • you still coming to jam over the weekend? We'll get some good stuff out of that i suspect ;]

    as i mentioned, i made a cover image, started with a 16x16 grid, rotated it, fiddled it, layered and faded, and a nice bit of pencil texturing, and...


  • @lokey That cover is awesome... kinda looks like a flower... I ought to steal that idea for a personal album cover one day.
    Oh and check yer damn text messages, I'm coming into town tomorrow!

  • Loving the album art.