what size should I get?

  • Hello All!

    So I was thinking about purchasing a device. I was looking for advice from other users on what size to get for your first device. I'm afraid of getting the sixty four and then realizing I should have gotten the one twenty eight.



  • I started with a 64 and four months later upgraded to a 128. If I had the money I think a 256 would be in my future, so watch out for the desire for more buttons, cuz it'll gitcha!

    Seriously, I really like having the 128. Half the time I use it vertically so that it acts like a 64 in the horizontal direction, and other times I use it long-wise for more step resolution. It's hard to say which one to get. You can always start small and progress from there. As much as I would love a 256 I think I would miss the ability to have only 8 buttons across in one orientation. Sometimes that's all you need.

  • If you buy the MK kit you can easily upgrade at any time. You would just need to buy one more keypad and driver (since you can have up to a 256 operation off a single logic board)

  • 64 is an unassuming little tool with huge powers
    256 takes those powers to their most balling extreme
    and 128 is a nice happy medium

    You are correct about the progression. I got a 64 last january, sold it and got a 128 in may, and now I'm selling that to get a 256!

  • at least 7 or 8 inches if you want to be taken seriously.

    (128 is pretty awesome)

  • I had this worry at first too so I just bought a 256, I knew myself I would probably want one anyway so I just got it. Haven't looked back since no desires for anything bigger or smaller. In saying that though what fits for me may not for you and I think it comes down to what you need for your music and future music you plan to make.

  • And they don't really lose value, so you can always "trade up"

  • i'd say, depends on your budget.

    i started with a 40h kit. about a year later, after really getting into it decided it was time for a 128. bought a gs128 and then also purchased a gs64 along with it. since then sold the 128 and got a 256 and still have the gs64. i'm really happy with the 256 and use it way more than the gs64. the 64 gets used for fx and levels in mlr2.51.

    if you have the money i'd say start with a 128 if you think you'll ever use molar or mlr.

  • The thing that swayed it for me was having 16 steps visible at once for drum sequencing and loop cutting. So I think it comes down to what you think you'll use it for (and obviously the money).

  • i'm really happy with a 64.

  • I went from a 40h(kit) to a 256...this was after obsessing over a 128 for a while...

    So yeah, depends on budget and what you want to use it for.

  • thanks for all the great responses. I think the 128 is the one for me. now to convince my wallet.

  • I've bought the 64 kit and now want to get 64 more buttons as I realise that I want to split my device and run 2 apps simultaneously for live performance.

    The button addiction catches fast!

  • @antiphon

    or anyone who can chime in. So I got a 128, just wondering if there is a way to set MLR 2.27 for vertical orientation.

  • @directrix:

    1. Make sure your cable orientation is set for vertical use in monomeserial.

    2. Use the 256 version of mlr and just make all of your rows 8 buttons long.


  • @antiphon

    thanks for the quick reply!

    I am on the new editions that run serialosc, I thought of running the monomeserial edition that lets you use older apps and then open the actual monomeserial, but nothing was happening.

    any input on that?

  • can't have both monome serial and serialosc running at the same time

  • Ahh, sorry. Didn't know you were using one of the new serialosc devices. I have a gs128 so I am still running monomeserial until serialosc for PC is out of beta. Can't help you with serialosc issues, I'm afraid.

  • @machsymbiont - ahh okay. I was wondering why it wasn't working

    @antiphon - no worries, hopefully someone can alter to patch to allow both orientations in MLR 2.27.

  • you can literally adjust the physical orientation of the monome device so that the rows are columns. bam, vertical. that setup proves to be ergonomic as well.

  • Something to bear in mind is will you be using multiple applications and be flipping between multiple applications during a set? If you think that's likely then get/make the biggest you can. You end up with a lot of redundancy but you know it's there and preconfigured when you need it -- like an unused instrument onstage waiting to be played for a particular song.