gs arc

  • tehn,

    This is in no way a rush or anything of that sort. This topic deserves its own place for now as the gs 256 has its own so people can show their interest.

    so far from tehn:

    "gs arc is always a possibility, cost of entry with walnut was easier due to the absence of massive tooling fees. so it'll depend on how well this goes."

    "the enclosure. it requires a tool, aka mold, which fits into a huge injection molding machine. that tool is expensive to machine. that's all.

    with walnut the materials are more expensive, but no huge tooling cost. the CNC operates directly on the material."

    "we're certainly considering a gs version based on level of interest!"

    So post your interest. :)

  • That would be a yo from me, but with absolutely no rush attached, as I'm already comitted to a couple pricey projects in the near term, and I would feel far too conflicted if I was actually offered it right now...But within the year say?

  • I think that at this point it's a fact of product sales that there is a greyscale user base. one that wants a 256 and one that wants an arc. that it's possible now is not likely. i'd say though that some of the walnut user might have felt the same way for a long while not very long ago. personally I hope that they'll be able to offer every fantastic product they make for both styles to users. also I think I might even hope for a white led walnut version of everything while i'm at it. either way though I feel that we're getting a lot of unique machines to tell our computers to do stuff with and that in it self is awesome... so honestly I look forward to whatever is next for us with no doubt that it'll be awesome....

  • It's a tough one for me.

    I started with the gs64, went to the gs128.

    However i really like the milled black walnut, but I also like the soft silicone case that will not scratch, or scratch what it comes in contact with. It feels very rugged.

    I like the white LEDs, but sometimes it feels sterile.

    I'll probably hold out for the gs series for both. I'll get one either way though for sure.

  • +1 for gs arc.

  • If it's a money issue or you don't see the point of arc, hold off. If you need to see apps that are relevant to you before you invest, or want to avoid "early adopter" risk, hold off. But for the LED color, why?

    I'm not asking why you care about the look and feel. I care about the look and feel too. But why hold off based on that?

    Demand for arcs will only go up as videos are released showing crazy new apps in the hands of musicians, and as people who put money aside for one achieve that goal.

    Does this translate into demand for gs arcs, or orange ones? Well, both, really. I think orange monomes far outnumber gs for now, so if and when a gs arc is released, there should be plenty of frustrated people who just want an orange one. Right?

    At that point, you can sell the orange one and buy a gs, with the added advantage of having actually had an arc in your possession that whole time.

    ...which, if you're planning to be active with it, could help ensure that there is a second batch (gs or not).

  • If I went with walnut arc I would sell it later for gs arc. I don't feel like bothering with this. In the mean time I'm thinking of ideas and already making outlines for the device. I don't mind waiting unless it's not something planned far ahead therefore I'll take your advice, but we'll see.

  • most definitely interested. the sooner this happens, the sooner i can get to making apps for the arc.

  • new gs64 owner,'n it :-), kinda like the idea of 'matched set' but then something about the arc that looks right with the orange and walnut! - kinda reminds me of early childhood playing with the big weighted volume or tuner control on the family stereo. - So will be going for the arc 2 asap.

    edit: reconsidered,...

    @ tehn,.....if there could at least be an approximate date for gs arc - (if it's going to happen), would help at Feb 18th.

  • i think it's funny that peeps get caught up with a having a "set" of devices. i've a couple of guitar pedals, it never occurred to me that they weren't a uniform colour and size, or that they might look "odd" beside each other.

    vive le differance.

    i'm in for a walnut arc 2 i think, doesn't really bother me that it's not the same series as my gs64.

  • if you can, why not?

    also, i was building a gs 128 before tehn announed them, so it was a lovely coincidence for me.

  • Each to their own but I never really got the gs love. Firmly in the walnut camp here, I have a walnut 64 and am almost finished my 256 kit, complete with orange leds and walnut casing. Is the casing of the gs soft to touch ? Interesting, I never knew that. Do people prefer the gs stylisticly is more a case if having all your monomes of the same flavor.

  • my 40h kit :
    my gs 128 has white leds.
    my arc should have white leds.

  • i am definitely one of those people who likes matching objects.

    re: walnut vs. gs, i love both for different reasons. regarding production, each has different economics.

  • For the record, for me at least, led colour is in no way the issue. The issue is simply not wanting break, or scuff, or stain a wooden tool due to overuse or foolishness. The silicone does away with the concern of damaging a piece of art, when what I want is a tool.

  • If it's in a few months, I'd totally get an arc 2 to go with my gs128.

  • Must try and see a gs in person. I can see the value of the silicone in certain clubs and venues.

  • my gs has a strange crack / (cut?) that saddens me every time i glance at it.

  • I have a 64 and a 128, both grayscale...i'd like definitely a gs arc4

  • @ tehn,.....if there could at least be an approximate date for gs arc - (if it's going to happen), would help decision at Feb 18th.

  • gs arc date, 10 months minimum. we have a lot lined up. it'd be expensive for us, so we'd need to ensure there was sufficient demand, which would be easier to gauge once we have an edition or two of the walnut version out there.

  • very much interested in a gs arc. I'm a big fan of the gs series mainly due to the ruggedness of the design. I'm still planning on buying an arc 4 when it comes out but I would happily trade it for a grayscale arc.

    my real conundrum is I like the grayscale construction, but I tend to like the warm glow from orange led's a bit more.

  • A gs Arc series before the next walnut Arc's?
    - suffient demand?

  • i have come to believe that i would very much like a arc2 in silicone, with those awesome yellow orange leds from the first promo pics ;]

  • I've been thinking about a greyscale arc2 for a while... I have an original walnut monome 128 which perfectly matches (well, close enough: dovetail vs. monobloc) my arc4, and I have a greyscale monome 64, so it's pretty clear what's missing from this picture.

  • I'd be interested in a gs arc2 as well, just adding my name to the list!

  • I love grey. I love grayscale. Sometimes instead of wearing colours I will wear grayscale outfits. Can someone tell me why I feel this way about grey?

  • Alex Grey, Jean Grey, Grey Goose, all good things are grey.

  • it makes sense to me to make the arc gs. That is what i have and probably what i would choose if i had the choice. regardless I would just like an arc 2 or 4.

    Teak would also be a pretty cool wood to use. hahahha The walnut is nice

    titanium, tungsten, magnesium would also be pretty cool
    especially is they were anodized w/ sandblasted finish.

    i would think it would be relatively inexpensive too
    then again i dont know.

    the weight would not be soo cool but

    MARBLE!/granite/and glass would also be pretty damn cool.

    not exactly minimal or indestructable but just some ideas.

  • Actually quite curious about this as I like the compact size and plain look of the gs64, but I would imagine it wouldn't pair well with a walnut arc (due to the difference in size (in every direction)

  • I like it when things match. I've got a gs128, and would love to have a gs arc 2 next to it. Just have to get rid of my ohm64 first so I can finance it ;-)

  • Yes, please. gs 128 is so beautiful and needs gs Arc 4 to accompany!
    Oh, and definitely add extra tooling fees to the price! No prob with that - totally understood!

  • Ebonized ash? Ebonized ash.

  • Still really interested in GS ARC....

    totally in love with my walnut 128 + walnut Arc4

    My gs64 is longing for a gsArc2 to sit next to :D

    @ Tehn - Coming in 2012?? please

  • would the price be about the same or different than the walnut versions for a GS Arc?

  • Would buy a gs256 and gs arc 4 to represent the duality of man, or something.

  • count me in for a gs arc edition.

  • would people really buy more arcs, use their arcs more, and write more apps for the arc...if only it had different led and chassis colors? curious.

  • it is not an "if only" question, but the answer is yes to all of the above (for me). the materials and size would morph as well.

    matching devices are important.
    if i had the power to "unimagine" a gs monome, i would still desire a gs arc.

    the design of these instruments drives their expression.

  • im down for arc as soon as i see some apps,hasn't there only been like 3 apps made in a year? or is there a secret arc community i don't know about?

  • There's actually a fair number of smaller apps buried in the forums, but the various developers didn't feel those were complete enough to put in the doku. We'd feel bad if you purchased a product over what turned out to be a bunch of casual experiments, expecting them to be on par with their grid-based brethren.

    Arc is easy to develop for. Easier, I think, than the monome grid. If you're cool with building your own stuff, and have ideas you'd like to see realized, I highly recommend it. But if you need fully-realized applications that you can make use of today, you should probably hold off for another generation.

  • i plan on developing for the arc as soon as i can get one. and to second what gtz said, if you do some forum searching you will find a few "small" (fun and incredibly useful) arc apps floating around. now if we only all had more time.

  • sounds good, cant wait to play with the monome / arc combo!

  • Definitely down for a grayscale arc 4. Hopefully I can get it to work with mlrv2.2, so many ideas thanks to this post.

  • I'm new to this group & haven't even received my walnut 64 from the states yet, but I know that function coupled with aesthetics is a big plus for me, so matching wooden enclosures of a monome & arc is definitely on my wish list. After seeing stretta using a walnut 64 and arc together on his sublimely beautiful 'soome' video, I am now lusting after an arc like that to go with my walnut 64... the fact that I have several Moogerfoogers & a select series Voyager with all the lovely wood they entail is a factor too... So I am saving for either a new release of walnut arcs and/or failing that, keeping an eye out for one in the trade section of the community.

    edit: well, I now have a GS64 (got it whilst still waiting for my walnut64 which for some bizarre reason has been held up at Chicago O'Hare for the last 2 weeks - or so the USPS tracking service tells me) so I really would be interested in either a GS OR another Walnut release arc! I just know I want an ARC! (Any Arc will do...please!)

  • I really, really want a GS Arc2. Having just purchased a GS64, I think it would be the perfect match. As to artpunk, yeah that video is what made me want a monome too. :) My dilemma is, if the next batch of Arcs comes out soon in Walnut, I might try to trade out my GS Arc for a matching walnut and grab a new edition Arc. I'm terribly impatient about these things. :)

  • Another +1 for the Soome video. As an outsider, Matthew's work sells me completely, although I feel that he needs more cat footage in his videos.

    I would definitely be into a GS64+arc2 combo. My only request would be green LEDs, and not blue (or I guess, the white, if those are the standard). I'm big on the O.G. orange look too. My eyes just react funny to blue light.. especially LEDs. I swap out those things on my gear whenever possible.

  • @Daojiao,

    Blue LEDs are great. I love seeing them in arduinomes and MK builds.

    Arc... because the LEDs are under glass, I wonder if you couldn't achieve the same thing with GS and a highlighter. Or a removable translucent sheet. It'd be a very easy mod; you just need the right sized hex wrench to get your knobs out of the way. Add a thin layer of blue, put the knobs back, and you're done.

    ...but that still assumes you've got a GS arc.

    Trading to a new walnut is the smarter move, for two reasons:

    1) there's no promise of a GS arc any time soon, and no word of it happening this year at all.

    2) new walnut grids support discrete LED brightness levels. new GS units don't yet, and the unit you own now doesn't either.

  • Being able to put a gel under the arc ring/monome buttons to change up colors as desired is an interesting idea. It would be tricky on a monome though. arc....might be doable for a DIY cosmetic change.

  • I don't see it working on monome buttons. And arc, I'm not suggesting that you actually put anything under the glass. Strictly on-top-of. Faster, easier, less risky.