MLRV Trouble

  • I just finished my monome 128 and I just discovered that MLRV in any version doesn't work on my computer anymore.

    The lights respond but when I try to launch a loop instead of moving forward it stays on the first position. The groups leds light up like they should it's possible to stop a group.

    Another a weird thing is that the patches play midi notes chromatically for every button and the serial is on OSC Protocol.

    Did anybody get that problem?

  • Check your midi out on mlrV (i cant remember if it has one?!), it sounds like its launching the digustingly off Microsoft GW Synthesiser.

    Have you installed the xsample from the mlrV directory?

    Also click 'Select all' at the beginning of the loop.
    I cant have a look at it as im in work, but these are some usual troubleshooters.

  • When the patch is loaded the Max Window says
    "newobj xgroove~:No Such Object"

  • You gave me the idea to look in the MLR V subdirectories
    And I found those instructions:

    Installing [xgroove~]

    Copy 'xsample.mxo' to:
    Max5/Cycling '74/msp-externals/

    Copy 'xsample-objectmappings.txt' to:
    Max5/Cycling '74/init/

    Restart Max5

    ::If you are a Max programmer::

    Copy '' to:
    Max5/Cycling '74/msp-help/

    I going to try that it looks like it's the reason why it's not working

  • xgroove was what i was referring to sorry, you've figured it out yourself either way!

  • Yeah but sometimes some help remove the feeling of being stuck.

  • haha no worries man!