How would you make this app? And Circuit!!!!

  • Building an installation... will comprise of a sphere with 6 speakers on a pendulum, with two microphones underneath.

    In max I would like to be able to record a 30 second loop... then assign that loop to one of the six speakers... once it is playing on one of the six speakers I would then like max to record another 30 second loop, and assign it to the second... and continue over and over... kinda like a feedback loop :D

    How would you program this??? I'm trying to figure out the skeletal architecture of the patch... I am also considering using max4live for this... but I don't think that it is necessary

  • so after 6 loops are you wanting the newer loops to record over the older ones or overdub them?

  • is this a mashup of I Am Sitting in a Room and Pendulum Music?

  • @Stevie Ray

    I was thinking that I would want the loops replaced... not overdubbed... but truthfully I had not considered overdubbing... (also I was assuming since the recording will record the sound of the room and the speakers already playing it kind of is over dubbing already...


    I could kiss you :)


    Had to google both of those pieces... and while I do not recall having known them I would not be surprised if they some how influenced the concept

  • Update:

    So I think the max app will be sufficient... now I'm just trying to decide what will be the best way to amplify the passive speakers.

    ATM I'm trying to find out if my school has a mixer with multiple outs... if they do it is a very very simple solution... if not I was curious if anyone had suggestions for circuits that could be used to bring in 6 separate inputs and amplify them to 6 separate outputs... preferably with a single power source :D