Used MOTU 828 MkII Buying Advice

  • I'm in need of an audio interface and have been looking at the MOTU stuff based on great reviews here and elsewhere. I don't gig so have no need to travel anywhere with this. But can anyone tell me if they think this is a good deal? Or is the MkII too old to be worth it? I'll be hooking it up to a PC tower running WinXp (for now).


  • i cant speak of the mkII but i have an mkI (the big blue version) and i really like it. does everything i need it to do, never failed me. the sound quality is really nice.

    i would only imagine that the mkII is nicer plus midi and prob some other features.

  • Thanks. That helps. It sounds like it will do everything I want. I'll keep checking to see if that is a decent price based on other sales I can find (Ebay and such).

  • I have a mkII second hand. Love it. It broke down a few months back, and motu charged me $100 to check it out, determine it was busted, then send me a new one — all in like a week and a half.

    I think I got mine for like $300. Don't really remember.

  • @Chris: if MOTU stands behind their products like that, it's good to know.

  • I've heard a lot of bad stuff about their support, but $100 flat got me the best, fastest repair/replacement experience you can ask for, especially as a second hand customer.

  • i like motu a lot, i think it is a nice bridge between the m-audio/focusrite/avid interfaces and some of the higher end stuff. i think the traveler is my next purchase. that's a baller deal too!

  • I don't know if the 828 is that easy to travel with, since its full rack size, but it is a very nice I/O. I had one for a while before upgrading to the 896 so that I could get the XLR ports and not just TRS.

    One thing to watch out for that I'm not sure has been resolved just yet is that the 828 and 896 didn't play well with Pro Tools 9 at first. On Mac OS X you had to build an aggregate device and do some weird stuff. But there are solutions online if that happens to be your situation.

  • MCDELTAT: I have no need to travel with it, which is one reason why I am looking at this model at this price. And I'm on a PC for now, so OSX issues are no problem either. I need to contact the guy and see if it is still available. I'm at the point where I need something like this to keep making music.

  • I can chime in with the flipside of MOTU's repair policy.

    The volume / power encoder broke off my Ultralite while it was in my bag a couple of years ago. It's just a small plastic cylinder. I was able to remove the cracked parts from inside the encoder housing, and it was clear that all that needed to be done was snap a new knob in (I could see the press-in snap mounts on the broken knob.

    Contacted MOTU asking if I could get a replacement knob. They said their repair policy is $100 flat rate, no exceptions. A week of back and forth would not sway them. To this day I still turn on my Ultralite with a toothpick (fun in the dark at gigs) and stick the broken knob in to adjust the volume.

    Other than that, though, I've been very happy with the interface itself (shoddy knobs aside).

  • Thanks for all the input. I am this moment the proud owner of said MOTU unit, all for $350. It was a great transaction, and nice to deal locally. But...

    ...there goes my arc money!

    But I desperately needed something non-Mickey Mouse to connect all my gear to. Here's hoping this is it!