Monoroute Arduinome 128

  • Hi,
    I'm getting my Arduinome 128 set up using Arduinome Serial attached to 2 64's, with the second one having an 8 Column offest to set up the 128 functionality. The problem is I can't get Monoroute to recognize them as one device. It seems to work fine thinking that I have 2 seperate 64's hooked up, but I can't get it to let them work together on the same patch at the same time. I can address them individually and it recognizes the offest for the second 64.

    For example: In Obo mapped using Device 0, steps 1 - 8 light up buttons 1 - 8 properly in time. When I switch to Device 1 the top buttons light up following steps 9 - 16, as they should if it were function correctly in 128 mode. When I try using the actual 128 mode in Monoroute, I get nothin. It looks like Obo is a 256 sized app, but the counter on top is helpful for sorting this out.

    Any ideas?