It is a small Crabtree world

  • So I'm a total internet stalker... I google EVERYTHING

    I just finished purchasing an upgrade for my 256 and decided to google the address of monome headquarters to see what I would garner... hilarity ensued

    So I googled their address and the second hit was for a list of companies that do not test on animals... the companies name "Crabtree & Evelyn"

    Turns out the address for that company was spelled slightly differently, and not in the same state... but I only realized this after going to the Crabtree & Evelyn website and being genuinely suprised by how different things were over there... the second I saw "Retail Outlets" and "Premium Membership" I realized something was off..

    Anyways thought it was worth a laugh :D

  • The contact number is 1-800-CRABTREE


  • Googling "alpha nerd" resulted is this test to see if you are one:

    Well, are you? :D

  • so i googled antiphon and hit videos and came up trumps.
    found your lovely contemporary dance vid you obviously wanted no one to know you'd made.

    hehehehe shes a bit mental that one.

    tabla work is nice, well done.

  • @antiphon

    tabla player? i took lessons for about a year - gave it up before entering art school for photo. it was pretty intense and i wasnt able to give it proper due.

  • @iccapod: Googling wars? Has it come to this? (Time to change my user name!)

    @watson: I WISH I knew how to play tabla. But photography I can do, sort of.