Piano and MLR

  • Hi everyone,

    Got my 128 very recently and this is the result of my first few experiments. I'm a composition student but have been looking for a way to mix contemporary classical styles with electronics for a long time. Massive thanks to Brian and Kelli for the helping hand.


    hoping to get something a little more coherent out soon!

  • nicely done!

  • very cool!! Keep it up. Was the audio from the monome playing from a speaker?... It must have been challenging to avoid feedback or bleed with your microphone in your piano if that's how you did it...

  • @soundcyst, thanks a lot man, actually i was using your version of mlr. Amazing work.

    @SolidMaster, yeah i had a little speaker unit on next to me. I was expecting a load of feedback too but once the levels were sorted it worked pretty smoothly.

    Thanks for the comments, any advice on improving recording quality or anything else really appreciated.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed that. Great job, keep it up!

  • awesome! I too have been trying to figure out a way to merge more "traditional" music with the monome (or anything electronic).

  • thanks! what sort of things have you been working on? couldn't find many videos of yours. There is so much material out there for monome which is dance-based (lots of great stuff i mean) but it always seemed to me that it would really suit concert hall music as well. I know so many 'classically trained' musicians who are excited about the idea of working with technology like this.

  • I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do with it yet, hence why you can't find anything. I've been playing around more with harmony and counterpoint.

    Also, Active and I might be doing an acoustic/electric thing with a couple string players along the lines of the Cinematic Orchestra.