mlrv 2.2 [new version]

  • @flo :
    il y a 31 jours en janvier...

  • donated. i cannot wait to play!

  • looks really polished. can't wait to push some buttons on this thing.

  • this'll be out right before i get home tomorrow afternoon!


    did you get the rewire stuff sorted? cannot wait to jam with this! hope all is well in new york!

  • !!!!!!

    Too Dope!

  • @chapelier fou:
    Faut que je r

  • The question is. Who will have first MLRV2 track on vimeo?

  • donation sent. so tempted to make the crazy run from Massachusetts to Brooklyn tomorrow, but it looks like (yet another) winter storm is conspiring to prevent this. sounds like a mad time for those who make it.

  • i have so much coffee for tonight no one would believe it

  • Just made my contribution. I was planning to come to NY tomorrow, but the weather may preclude it.

  • @ark - if you can, make it happen. i guarantee this party is going to rock/melt faces!!!!

    and i too am ready for no sleep till brooklyn! errrr. or until my fingers bleed!

  • I can't make the release party as waking up at 6 to teach precludes driving to NYC from Boston the night before. Any chance someone could record the performances? I still have all of the audio from the 2009 Monomeet, and it is STILL in frequent rotation. I'm not so much interested in video as the raw audio, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

    If someone could hook this up, that would be amazing. %, the 'goose, and tehn is quite the amazing lineup.

  • I'll try to record the stuff. Does anyone know if I'll be able to record direct from the board? In that case I'll bring my laptop and an interface. Someone else should be a backup too in case I don't make it on time.

  • I'll try to record the stuff. Does anyone know if I'll be able to record direct from the board? In that case I'll bring my laptop and an interface. Someone else should be a backup too in case I don't make it on time.

  • rock it well folks! Crazy button mashing good vibes from across the globe will be streaming towards you all...

  • don't forget the special guest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I sent my humble dime to support your project

    Live long and prosper


  • really digging the tumblr goose.

    cool to see you guy's organization.

    ok, now to cal homework so I can jam tonight!!!!

  • @goose

    Isn't a certain AD in the NY area at the moment ;)

    Wish I could make it.

  • bruce willis busting moves at culturfix tomorrow!

    @ella-g - there is 1 direct feed from the pa system, from an rca/tape out. if you wanna do this, i hope to have the pa there by 7pm or so. hit me up!

    (edited for the @ ella-g cuz i'm dumb!)

  • Just sent in my contribution. Congrats, all, and I can't wait! Wish I could make the release show tomorrow.

  • Bruce Willis!!!

    edit: i'm an idiot

  • HELLO!
    now that i have your attention ;)
    i know im like the bajillionth person asking a question....
    but is it possible to run a 64 set to for volume etc. much like mlr 2.51 in conjunction with another monome?

  • yes... i don't see why not... running faders or something like that on pages?

  • even better, i'm planning on adding a few page types specifically for managing the osc-accessible parameters of mlr2. you'd be able to access these from a single monome device or a separate device depending on how you set it up. not sure what these will look like yet, volumes will definitely be there. no eta yet. :)

  • @phortran

    That sounds wonderful! Keep it coming!

  • @phortran

    AWESOME!!! and maybe... use the variable levels of brightness for higher resolution in the volumes? just a thought...

  • that'd be cool.. we'll have to figure out how that works from an input perspective (how do you get past one brightness level and up to the next?) but i like the concept. any and all input welcome! we could take it over to the pages thread to avoid hijacking ;).

  • @phortran


  • Just sent my donation. Really excited for this release!!

  • How easy will this be to set up with ableton and a launchpad?

  • This software will run outside of ableton... but it should work fairly easily with a launchpad!

    You could potentially use max4live / ableton to add functionality :D

  • deadline for getting your name in the first release has been reached. anyone else who contributes will have their names added to the second release.

    @Electro — relatively, we actually don't have a launchpad here to test it on but it should work alright (hahaha). rewiring to ableton works, though.

  • cool beans I have polygome installed in my max for live folder all I need is MLRV 2.0 and I am all set!

  • Whoa, the development blog goes way back!

    Is 64F mode included in this release?

  • @Eimhin — hopefully!

  • @% feel free to send an early copy ill be sure to test it out on the launchpad ;)! haha

  • @% Excellent! That mode looks like a game changer.

  • mmm 64f mode yummy

  • sent a draft of the benefactor + supporter list to the mailing list!

    if you contributed and did not receive the email (meaning your name is not on the email list) please contact me directly at: mfelix - at - parallelogram - dot - cc, please include your email address and the payment method you used (google/paypal).

    shit's gettin wild here; y'all have no idea.

  • Party's about to get started... why you online :p

    Did you guys get a stream together for the event?

  • so close! again, thanks for all the hard work.

  • soo uh. what time zone is the release made? hehe, i gotta start my timer!!

  • @%

    dude, i'm so happy this is coming together! i wish you all the best tonight! see you soon!

  • i am sad that i'm stranded here on the west coast while you all are about to party, but it seems like some of you east coasters are stranded as well... boo for poor weather conditions!

    have a great time tonight. i expect high quality audio and video asap!

    and once again, thanks for all of the energy put into this project. i will be diving in as soon as i get home tonight!

  • i agree with away. thank you guys so much. glad i could at least be a supporter.

    i feel so lucky to be part of this community, even if only a small part.

  • So I thought I'd mention... but I think that this wonderful community has donated close to 5k towards the mlrV team...


  • damn... better work then ;)