mlrv 2.2 [new version]

  • hahaha, this shit's open source - if it don't work, fix it yourself ;)

  • hey what's the tech support hotline

  • party's tomorrow all.

    private nerd parties tonight, people on computers downloadin

  • i'm having a pants party, would you like to......a party in my pants

  • i sense an epic combination of my 128 and 64....
    64 for volume and delay..
    128 for button mashing

  • My private nerd party is gonna be off da hook yo.

  • Congrats guys!

  • t minus 30 minutes and we's still patching. haha forgot to hook up delay! rest assured, mlrv 2.0 DOES work however (we hope)

  • half an hour if my time conversion is correct...

    cannot wait! - will done on reaching the 5k mark, will contribute as soon as i set up paypal :)

    edit: guess it was right!

  • im waiting staring at the clock in Japan, its coming up to 2pm. so close...

  • Just finished my assignment... right on time for mlrv 2.0 as midnight rolls around in Canada...

  • When do you throw it over the wall to the quality assurance team? ;)

  • 9 minutes!!!

  • 5 MINUTES!!!!!

  • what a monday!

  • hahaha you guys.... you're freaking us out. trent's still patching.


  • one last test, sit tight


  • miiidddniiighhttt! so stokekeked

  • guess i should actually hook up my monome...

  • i love that im staying home for mlrv 2.0 instead of going to my girlfriends house :P

  • downloaded!

  • oh my god. THANK YOU!

  • it is mine, hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa excellent...

  • when I open it Runtime isn't responding D: !!!! :(

  • it takes a bit to load, be patient

  • Im ranting about how awesome this is. And my girlfriend just shakes her head at me and walks away. hahaha.

  • am I blind or is there not an option to set the prefix?

  • it loaded!, i got all impatient

  • not to be a downer but on windows there's a bunch of loading patcher errors and pretty much a black ui outside of a few buttons on the right hand side

  • thank you, I'm off to aimlessly mash buttons till I pass out

  • I'm on windows and it looks fantastic (after installing the missing object)

  • uh...i'm pretty sure i can follow instructions and its not recognizing my xgroove object.

    max os x 10.6.6

    EDIT...NVRMIND I SUCK...didn't have the newest runtime.

  • @iansbury:

    make sure there's no slashes, or other characters in the path where your copy is installed — max has trouble with any non alpha-numeric characters in filepaths, and it needs to load some sub-folders in order to get all the images and some bpatchers in.

    also — make sure you're running 5.1.7 (and close max before you move / rename / reboot)

  • too kind 'goose. congrats on pulling through

  • friendly reminder that there's a chatroom on irc too!

  • Looks amazing. Of all times to be monomeless....

  • Up and running; thanks!

    Two problems so far: (1) Unpacking the zip file asked me about overwriting a duplicate file aux.maxpat; I said no. (2) When I select my usual audio interface (via ASIO), the setup screen shows about 70% cpu use with nothing happening. When I try to play an audio file, there are lots of dropouts.

    Selecting a different ASIO audio interface greatly reduces the apparent cpu load, but it's still significant (38%). Should that be happening?

  • hey so I got it up and running on the 256... some quick bugs I found right off the bat

    mlrV is not setting the prefix on my monome on launch... and I did not seem to find the prefix in the documentation

    for those who are confused changed monome prefix to "/mlrv"

    Also it seems that most of the arrows are broken and non functional... for example I loaded a sample that was playing at half speed... I could not use arrows to change speed, I had to manually type it in

    Thanks a million guys for the hard work!!!

  • also on trying to load a previous set I'm getting an error in the max window

    "coll | can't find tile .... 2010-latenov.mlr

    (I didn't bother typing everthing but it seems that the load function is looking for galapagooses latenov set)

    You c an decide to not fix this if you want to just share the sample and mlr file...

    Oh yeah... Mr Goose... I now know your organization structure... love the use of _ :P

  • Running an MK 64 here. MLRV 2.0 opens ok but Im getting no response on my monome at all. I had to manually input the prefix (/mlrv) and it still has no response. Monome is in fine working order with mlrv.

    OS X 10.6.6 and latest Max5. Installed the xsample again as well.

    Edit: Also no errors in max window.

  • the arrows are not clickable currently — they're there to communicate the interaction mode of that item (eg. an arrow pointing downwards is a dropdown menu, arrows pointing up and down are a draggable number). we will be implementing clickable arrows shortly, but other features took precedence!

    /mlrv is the prefix —— we took out the prefix button as the intention was to have it all running with serialosc so it wouldn't be needed anymore, but alas it's not finished til wednesday and we had to SHIP!

    anybody tried the touchOSC integration yet?

  • @galapagoose

    do you have a touch osc template ready to go?

    I don't have time to program one atm but I can quickly check if it works if you like

    Also I was curious where the options are to set top row functionality :D

    Thanks again