credit card security

  • Sorry for the shocker headline, but very shortly after purchasing my 128 this afternoon, a couple of fraudulent charges showed up on my account. I thought it would be the right thing to do to let people know that they may want to check also.


    But, I work in (and was at my desk while buying the 128) an institution who's security needs to be second to none, and they (whoever they are) still got me. I hope this was localized, and just a mildly unfortunate coincidence that makes me fill out a little paperwork, and not an issue with google checkout that effected more people.

    In other news, how easy is it to catch people who go buying beauty products on the account of a guy who just spent from 12:57 to 1:00 refreshing his browser to buy a box of blinky lights? Maybe if they had purchased midi cables, or soft synths they would have gone unnoticed for a while. "when did I buy 800 dollars worth of Audio Damage products? Oh well, sounds like me..."

    Hope everyone enjoys their new toys when they're delivered.

    Now off to make some music.

  • p.s. this totally makes me feel like a n00b at using teh interwebs. Ugh.

  • i'm pretty sure google checkout uses https... sounds unrelated with coincidental timing, unless your keystrokes are being logged...

  • I hope that is the case!

  • (not that my keys are being logged!)

  • googlecheckout is fully secure.

    your problem originated elsewhere.

    that said, i empathize. we had our card number stolen recently, i have no idea how it happened. and i'm paranoid about security.

    the timing is most likely a coincidence. we never see your card info. google handles that, which is great for us-- i'd hate to have the liability.

  • Tehn -

    Never meant to imply that it had anything to do with you. It was just too much of a coincidence to not even mention.

  • no worries. it's just that we precaution against this, and i needed to dispel fears directly.

  • Shocker headline?

  • > i wonder if it's actually a recyclable type of plastic.

    it makes for half-way decent guitar picks, if you cut it up right.

    not a bad idea, except that i have my card number memorized, and it would be challenging to have to memorize a new one every 4 months.

    convenience vs security.... shit.

  • if you get a cassette tape player head and solder it to jack, you can rub it up and down the credit card strip for some bad ass dj scratch sounds.

  • A number of credit card companies now also let you generate custom, temporary numbers online. You can generate a number that is linked to your account and assign it an expiration date and a spend limit. Perfect for using in situations where you are concerned.

  • Bank of America Shop Safe is one: