The 30 Day Program An iPhone App Challenge!

  • Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my latest challenge that I'm undertaking. After working on my first monome / MaxMSP application for the last 6 months (it's big) I decided to take a little break from that and focus on a different project.

    I'm attempting to complete an iPhone/iTouch app in 30 days. I'm planning on starting from scratch, not knowing any Objective-C or Cocoa. I plan on reading two books I purchased to learn the language and API, and to finish the game in 30 days (this does not include actually getting it in the app store, as I've heard this takes about two weeks). That means I'll be starting from scratch drawing everything, animating it, making music for it, and coding like nobodies business.
    Also, somehow I have to blend keeping good grades in my college courses so might update you on that too.

    Thought you guys might enjoy it.

    I'll be updating a tumblr each day to let you know my progress and keep track of everything I have on my plate. The countdown starts tomorrow. Follow it here:

    P.S. I must acknowledge that technically I already cheated. I read 80 pages of one of my books before I decided I wanted to take on this challenge. Please forgive me.

    P.P.S. I'm brand-new to tumblr and it's doing something silly. Any ideas for a fix? If you check it out, the link at the top "Software" is supposed to be redirecting to http:/mcdeltat.tumblr..... but instead it randomly decides to default to http:/tumblr....... which has the same information, just not my stylings.

  • This game started out as a 30 day project...they didn't quite make it at the time. You might be able to find their old blog posts so you don't repeat the same mistakes. Good luck!

  • Couldn't seem to find the blog posts from the page that you sent me, I'll keep looking though. I did however find a guy who video blogged about this same process on youtube that managed to succeed at this same project. I'm not really interested in his final app since it's an iPhone anime/puzzle game but it's a good reference.

  • i will follow =)

    but if i were you i would choose a different theme for the tumblr design :P

  • Ha. I will get around to changing that stupid theme at some point. I set it up just last night because I wanted some method to document the madness. I'll see, I'll see.

    EDIT: Seems that randomly, after a 24 hour period the error I mentioned in my first post (P.P.S. "...") got fixed and it's redirecting correctly now.

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