gs 64,128,256

  • does anyone know when new editions of atleast gs 64,128 will be available and possibly 256

  • Not sure but if you're looking for a gs64 I have one in excellent condition for sale. Thread in the trade section with link to pics.

  • was wondering if u noticed on your gs 64 if u put it in test mode are all of your keypads exactly all white or are some of them just a shade different.

  • There are subtle differences in the warmth of the LEDs as was common on the first batch of gs's. Doesn't impact performance obviously and never something that bothered me after I realized it. It's a great little box -I just accidentally picked up a new walnut and don't need two. :)

  • so the leds will always be like that or is there a fix i can deal with it but was just wondering

  • trust me, when you get the device, you won't notice the different shades. or even care about them. i think it's an aesthetic bonus actually. true grayscale.

  • You may be able to swap out the button boards or something but that would be beyond my expertise. The LEDs may change ever-so-slightly over their life (like any LED) but I would expect they will never "even out" if that's what you're asking - I think they will always be more or less the way they are.

    I'd be happy to show you what they look like via video chat or something if you're interested in seeing it more first hand - the camera might not capture the subtleties mind you.

  • Ha - what @oootini said! :-)

    I agree - the device itself is wonderful to hold - esp the 64 which you can easily hold in your hands and play with your thumbs. Very tactile and the slight color variations are not an issue, IMO.

  • @mono01: my gs has the same issue, but what's funny is you really only notice it when you have all the buttons lit up for testing purposes in a static environment (i.e. standing back and looking at the device in contemplation). In practice, when you are mashing buttons and only a few are lit up at any given time, you'll never see it.

    For the record, my Tenori-On also has varying shades of white across the interface. Just how it is, I suspect.

  • yes i noticed this thanks for the comment was just seeing if i was the only no biggie i can deal

  • It is true — only in test mode did I notice the slightly different warmths on my gs64. During regular operation, it was undetectable.

  • waiting to map intensity levels and jiggle them. maybe you could get up
    a 'contemplation translation matrix' ;)

    one thing I see while fooling around with matrixctrl and monomebutton combination:

    sometimes an uzi pair that floods inc's through matrixcontrol to my pair of 128s seems to skip a few cells

    retry doesn't seem to recreate the same pattern. wondering about source of problem (driver glitch, operating system disk or net io?) not a big problem.

    when the new monomeserial cargo comes, with levels of brightness, maybe I can anitalias !!!

  • dropped OSC packets. it's UDP.

  • to solve this problem, you'll have to rewrite your update routines with a more efficient delivery method-- row, col, frame/map

  • anyone have a suggestion for a reference implementation that uses frame/map??